Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday Slight

I received a second one in the mail yesterday.  It was from my Medicare Supplemental Insurance agent.

Apparently, he knows what's going on.

My first copy came in the mail a few weeks ago from Gonzaga University.  

Being an avid ZAGS fan, I've been donating to the university on "an every little drop counts, said the old lady as she peed in the ocean" basis.  

Some may call it "modest."

Still, the university sent me a lovely calendar for 2013. 

I'm guessing all those university folks know that same thing Dan Tweedy knows.

There WILL be a 2013, and we shall need calendars.

I got to thinking about that this morning while turning over my Appaloosa Journal calendar in the bathroom and seeing two horses happily nose nudging, obviously without a care in the world. 

The December calender behind me, as I type, features a lovely winter scene with evergreen trees heavily laden with fresh-fallen snow.  

It also includes a mini January 2013 with a full month of days.  

So, all these calendar distributors must not be taking the alleged end of the world on Dec. 21 very seriously.  

I'm happy about that and feeling even better after just reading an editorial giving permission to move on with plans for 2013.

The piece cites recent discoveries that have concluded that the Mayan calendar is only half way through its 7,000 year cycle.

So, we've got 3,500 more years to get stuff done.

That puts my mind at ease cuz I was getting stressed out, thinking about the intensity of our work load for the next three weeks if we were gonna be outa here on or after the winter solstice.

With all the Christmas preparations----cards, cookies, shopping, decorating---I was figuring it would be pretty difficult to mark off all the items still left on my bucket list. 

So, now I've got time.

Today does mark the beginning of the busy season, and I'm on a tight schedule this morning.

In about an hour I'll be loading up little Foster and taking him to Sandpoint High School.   

He's all spit-shined,  and he smells pretty.

Foster will join his buddies Meggie and Jessie, while I join my buddies AND sisters, Barbara and Laurie for a fun photo shoot.

The Monticola yearbook staff is snapping the shutters, and they'll be telling us what to do for about an hour.  Sit here, put your hands here, fix your hair, smile, look into the camera . . . . 

I'm sure that Foster, Meggie and Jessie will do everything the portrait photographer tells them.  After all, they've got diplomas, so they should rise to the occasion.

The day will include some shopping and then, of course, the ZAGS game at 5 p.m.  They're 7-0 going into today's match-up against Pacific.  

Willie also has a game with his JV's this afternoon when Colville's boys and girls come to town.  

Busy day and definitely one that will be much more enjoyable now that I've been assured that we have not started the first day of the last month of the last year here on Earth.

So, I'd better sign off and do a little more primping on Mr. Foster for his big session in front of the camera.

We'll get a CD filled with photos, so, of course, I'll share a few of those tomorrow.

Happy Saturday. 

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