Sunday, December 02, 2012

An 80-Percenter Morning . . . .

After coming into the house, dripping wet with an armload of bagged-up newspapers and a shopping bag from Cabela's, I announced to Bill that I had met three challenges of the day.

Did not want to get out of bed, but I did.

Did not want to go outside, but I did.

Did not want to go for my morning walk, but I did AND did not even shortchange myself.

My soggy raincoat, pants, cap and boots stood as evidence that all three challenges were met.

This is an 80-percent rainy morning, the darkest, gloomiest of all the gloomy mornings we've experienced this week.

I figured that if I could meet the challenge of this morning's miserable conditions, easier days lie ahead.

And, we have only 19 more days of increasing darkness.

Outside, the yard shows few high spots to avoid the wet.  Doggies are in the garage, not the dog run where a couple of lakes have formed.

Anyway, it's gloom and doom after a beautiful afternoon spent on the road and in some fun places. 

Bill and I marveled at the green, green lawns as we got closer to Spokane.  And, we had left some pretty green grass back home too.

This La Nina wet and warm winter has its ups and downs, but green grass on Dec. 2 is definitely notable. 

We also enjoyed taking the new exit off I-90 to Cabela's.  It's definitely a timesaver and much less confusing.  

While shopping for some Christmas gifts, I ran into my friend and neighbor Edna and her family.  Of course, we joked about having to drive almost 70 miles to see each other when we live just a mile or so apart. 

We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's ZAGS game.  A lot!  I'd say their 8-0 record might just catapult them into the top ten in the nation this week. 


And, of course, we chuckled, as usual, about our fancy dining at DICKS Hamburgers.  

Bill said I needed to post on Facebook to let my friends know about the stretch limo in the DICKS parking lot. 

I left out the limo information but did tell the world we were enjoying our meal. 

One of my Facebook friends commented about my "eclectic" tastes, while another mentioned the word "Utopia."  

I'd say both are fitting descriptions of our day, especially when you can top it off with a Whammy, a chocolate shake and those just right, lightly greased fries.  

Nothing better for the tastebuds or worse for the heart, I'd guess.

Still a person needs to live a little before having a heart attack, right?

DICKS is definitely the place to do it AND to have the best people-watching ever. 

The sunshine has disappeared for a while, and I can still hear that 80-percent drip drop outside, so it looks like an in-house day.

Maybe I'll finish reading about the $80 champion or write my Christmas letter or maybe watch a game or two.

Have a great Sunday.  Stay dry. 

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