Monday, December 03, 2012

Gentle on My Mind . . . .

It seems like a "Gentle on My Mind" kind of day.  What could be more gentle on one's mind than cute puppy photos?

Actually, I can't tell you if that's Meggie or Jessie giving Foster "the look," but I do know that the pups kind of enjoyed their portrait session Saturday morning.  

At the risk of giving too much away, I'll stick to this one photo for the blog.  We'll probably use some of the set---which includes the three sisters (human), two sisters (dogs), two sisters and one friend (dog), two sisters and two sisters (humans and dogs) and the one mommy and one little guy (human and dog).

The Monticola photographers did a great job capturing some adorable expressions, a few crazy faces and some all-around great portraits.

So, that's weighing gentle on my mind this morning.

I've got that song stuck in my mind cuz I read in the paper that crooner Glen Campbell may keep touring.  Because of his early-onset Alzheimer's, he was planning to wrap up his career in Napa, California, a few days ago.

His staff says his last few concerts were very strong, so they're considering having him do a few more after the holidays.

I feel a connection with Glen Campbell, not only because I loved his music but because I used "Gentle on My Mind" as the intro and conclusion to my weekly radio show while taking an announcing class at the University of Idaho.

The song was hot at the time, and it was a time when I loved all things Glen Campbell. 

Plus, its message is pretty nice.  We need to look occasionally for "gentle on my mind" diversions from the harshness that seems to rule so much of what we learn about the outside world.

And, speaking of outside world, let's hear if for the average guy.  Letterman was included among the honorees at the Kennedy Center last night.

David Letterman has inspired my son who believes that average guys do okay in this world.  At least, that was his mantra back in high school when  Willie's mom was hoping for a little more "above average" in the academics.  

Willie would just point to Letterman as an example that he was gonna succeed in spite of his mother's occcasional frustrations.  

And, I'd say he was right.   Willie's an average guy who's achieving a lot of above-average feats.  By the way, his JV's won their second game Saturday, so they're 2-0!

Another item weighing gently on my mind this morning is that the rain stopped long enough for me to enjoy my walk.  That was nice.

Whenever our extreme weather conditions let up, we turn "most forgiving" of Mother Nature's wrath.  It was nice to take off the hat and enjoy the walk without having to wear rain pants.   Many thanks, Mother Nature.

So, that's about all there is gentle right now, so I'll sign off and wish everyone a calm, average day.  

Happy Monday.

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