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Happy Birthday, Slight Detour---8 Years


Slight Detour

Mutterings of a country hick.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Slight Detour

Welcome to the inaugural night of "Slight Detour" coming to you from beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. I cannot take credit for the title. That honor goes to my brother Jim, an architect, artist, cartoonist in Grants Pass, Oregon. It's because of Jim and his cartoon series called "Slight Detour" that I have initiated this blog.

I hope that as I learn more about this publishing process Jim's cartoons will begin to appear. At this point, I've followed the three steps to blogdom and have spent some time typing. Let's just see what comes next.

I guess the next step I'll try is to link all readers to my website, where you can find information about my two funny farm books and read some examples of my freelance writing, including an exclusive interview with actor Viggo Mortensen. So, here goes. Keep your fingers crossed. Go here www.mariannelove.com.

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Bluemax_36 said...
Well, it looks like something that can use up a lot of time. I don't know what happens to this, so I don't know how visible it will be. I don't think that I'm ready to do the blogging thing. First, I don't have that much to say that meets the threshhold of being interesting to others. Secondly, it looks like something sorta time consuming, and I'm not sure that I need another absorbing activity that diverts me from stuff that needs to be done.... 


Hard to believe that much time has passed since that Thanksgiving weekend when my brother and I stood in my mother's kitchen, talking about how we could get some exposure for his cartoon booklet entitled "Slight Detour."  

A week or so later, my blog was born.  As I've said in earlier reflections about my now daily addiction, I never dreamed of keeping it going for more than a few weeks.

Eight years later "Slight Detour," the blog, is still alive and kicking.  I believe, in this eight-year run, that I've missed no more than four or five days, if that.

There was the time we moved, and last year, I know I missed posting the morning after we took my sister to Kootenai Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with viral encephalitis.  I'm guessing both of those absences might be considered acceptable excuses. 

I was thinking this morning, while walking in the rain (a recurrent theme of Slight Detour), about the major changes in the cast of characters this blog has featured:  Ebbie, Annie Dog, Licker, Lonesome Love, Charlie, Rambo, Casey and Heather.  

All played loving roles in our Lovestead family, and all remain permanently tucked away in our memories.  

Since then, the cast has added Kea (Kiwi has been involved since Day One), Foster, Lily, Lefty and Jonas.   I'm sure a few robins and chickadees have come and gone.

In 2006, the blog reflects our major lifetime move here to Selle where we coined this beautiful farm The Lovestead.

Since the beginning, the blog has been followed by readers from around the country and even the world, along with some new friends---totally blog inspired.  Wonderful people, they are, and thanks so much for sticking with me----even when there's a lot of griping about the weather.

I don't know how much longer I'll keep this up----there are days when I wonder why---but, so far, the rewards outshine the disappointments.  

So, Happy Birthday "Slight Detour."

Thank you to Jim and the Blogfather Dave for giving me a reason to start this experiment, which keeps me tied down to this computer every single morning from 7-8 a.m.

To all readers, especially those who've stuck with me all these years, you have my undying gratitude. 

That rigorous discipline keeps me out of trouble at least one hour a day----or does it?  


Patsy said...

Although I haven't been with you the entire 8 yrs. I really enjoy your blog. Sometimes I don't get to read every day, but I love doing catch up. Hope you continue your mutterings.

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday to the Blog! Love reading about the goings on around Sandpoint, where my cousins live. Hope you keep it up for another 8 yrs,Marianne.

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Marianne! Eight years in Blog Years is really quite an accomplishment. I'm grateful to be kept up to date on the comings and goings at The Lovestead. Keep up the outstanding work!

Word Tosser said...

8 years, huh? Is that like in dog years.. 56 years..lol.. i know sometimes that is how mine feels.. and it is all because of you... I wonder how many others you had a hand in starting..
Congratultions.. Marianne, job well done.. carry on...