Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tasty Treats and Country Tidbits

It has passed the family taste test. 

Bill sampled the above piece of Bavakla last night, after I took the picture, of course, and almost smacked his lips when I asked how he liked it.

"Good!" he said. 

My mother said the same and even grabbed another piece from the sample plate, offering it to staff members at Life Care.

I downed mine, taking time to savor that wonderful blend of flavors---honey, almonds, butter, clove, etc and highlighted with a hint of orange.  

It was truly a "melt-in-your-mouth" delight.

Yesterday's introduction to Leanna Paulsen-Kittleson's Baklava was delightful in all ways.  We met at Life Care where I was visiting Mother.  

During our sampling session, Leanna learned a little about Mother's arrival in Sandpoint back in 1945 and her early history in Michigan---the family's mill, railroad and salt block operations.

Those stories unfolded after we had learned that Leanna's hubby came from Michigan.  I also gleaned some fun information about Leanna's catering interests.

She's had great experiences sharing her talents in the Sun Valley area. 

After taking a break, she's anxious to get back at supplying some of her favorite culinary delights through her catering service in this area.

I've mentioned Leanna before on the blog,  mainly because over the past few years,  we've found commonality in our aging mothers and through our love of horses.  

Plus, she lives in the neighborhood.

Leanna's business is known as Seven Sisters Catering:  could very well be because she can see the Seven Sisters of the Selkirk Mountain range from her home.

And, for Christmas, just to get folks acquainted with her talents, she's offering gift boxes of her Baklava, which she says she's made for years.  She can also tailor each batch to match individual tastes.  

Of course, after our sampling experience, I'm happy to pass along her telephone number:  208-720-4685.   Give her a call to learn more if you're looking for a nice gift,  baked in the beautiful Selle Valley.

As for country tidbits this morning, I was SO happy to hear the wind blowing this morning rather than the seemingly endless pitter patter on the roof.

Once outside, I saw stars and clear sky for the first time in days.  

I also enjoyed walking down the lane where I took the horses to a different pasture where lovely green grass has been growing.

Yes, our grass is unusually green for December.  I guess that's cuz it's not buried under snow.

I saw my neighbor Janice (the beautiful yard competitor) at Wal-Mart yesterday.  She was genuinely worried that I might be out mowing my lawn, getting a start on her.

I assured her that the lawnmowers have been retired for the winter.

Still, we're seeing some signs of spring which appear to be a bit mixed up due to the unusual weather.  My herbs are sprouting leaves.  

Bill said he saw baby Douglas fir trees  yesterday with new growth.  

Nice to see but could be a problem when all that new growth freezes. 

Today looks like a great improvement over the drenching we've received for the umpteenth time in the past few weeks. 

It's also a good day cuz tonight the ZAGS are taking on WSU.  The next few games determine just how strong the Bulldogs are this year.  

They're ranked 10th in the nation, and if they can hold back the next few foes, they're likely to move up to the single digits.

Also,  Willie's JV's are 3-0 now after a convincing win last night.  

GO ZAGS.  Happy Wednesday to everyone. 

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Word Tosser said...

You can blame ken.. he bought 3 snowmobiles... worked on them and got 2 running... and it hasn't snowed since.. lol... I am sure this will all change soon.