Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thursday This and That

We're not seeing this sight today, but Lily thought that green grass was a pretty tasty deal yesterday.  Our break in the weather made humans and animals mighty happy.

Now, the snow if falling, and the ground is white.

Tom Sherry says we're gonna get about an inch.  That will be fine----just enough to pretty it up but not enough to create a whole lot of extra work.

Besides, I'm too worn out from last night's ZAGS-COUGS game to expend a lot of energy.

I'm also checking up on friends to make sure they're still with us or if they landed in the hospital cardiac wards throughout the ZAGS world of fans.

I'm thinking last night's game was one for the ages:  definitely historical in that this is the first time ever the ZAGS have gone 9-0.

They had to snarl and rip their way through the match-up in Pullman, every inch of the way, as those ferocious, hungry Cougs wanted so much to fill their plate with several helpings of ZAGS meat.

Fortunately, the ZAGS escaped, but I'm not so sure about the cardiac health of their fans.

I said a few "Hail Mary's."  I figure even God wanted to help out in this one, so He'd be listening---even to me.

When it was over, Bill said he wasn't gonna get to sleep any time soon cuz he was literally shaking.

I said I wasn't gonna get to sleep either way:  a loss and I would have sulked all night, a victory and too much adrenalin kept me tossing and turning.

Anyway, we've survived.  Now, we have to get ready for Saturday's game against also undefeated Illinois.  I think lots of ZAGS fans may need to be checking their blood pressure in the next few days.

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderfully productive day with doggies enjoying several romps in the hay field and horses enjoying their bonus of delicious pasture grass.

Nine new loaves of pumpkin bread are in the freezer.  I washed living room windows inside and out and even added to my outdoor light display.

It's not very artistic, but it's still pretty.  I might even get a few more strings or maybe even invest in one of those lit-up deer.  

We do have deer in our yard every night, but they would never hold still long enough for me to string a few lights around their bodies.

Wouldn't that be cool if we could----to see a bunch of Christmas twinklies jumping over a fence and bounding across a field.

The holiday grind goes on today, and the snow helps with the spirit, so I'm not complaining.

Happy Thursday. 

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