Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday Slight

Debbie, the birthday girl, had to decide.  Debbie's our daughter-in-law.  She's 35 today.

This decision challenge for Debbie came yesterday, when she was still 34.  

This was also Friday, the night we two Love couples almost always go out to dinner.

"Since you're the birthday girl, you'll have to pick where we're goin'," I said to Debbie while we waited for the heart-wrenching KREM-TV story about a dying Border Collie getting his final wish.

During the 5 o'clock news, the anchors had promised the story, so Bill wasn't leaving until it came on.

Indeed, touching and tear-jerking, the story told of the owner and her long, loving history with her 15-year-old canine pal.

He got his final wish----one more time to herd sheep.  Years of arthritis,  which had gradually taken its toll on his body,  did not stop that ol' dog from directing the little herd of sheep around the pen.  

Yup, the story was well worth the wait for us Border Collie-loving Loves.

Now, it was time for Debbie Love to decide where we would be having dinner.  

"What's the rotation?" she asked.

Our Friday dine-out generally involves Second Avenue Pizza, Cafe 95, Mick Duffs or the Blue Heron at the Samuels Store.

Last week's visit to Laclede's Klondyke threw a new possibility into the mix.  

So, Debbie thought and thought and even tried,  in vain,  to get one of us to decide.

She still hadn't made up her mind as we drove to town.  Once in town, she said she'd like to try the Golden Dragon, back out on HWY 95.  She knew some of the folks there were involved in Girl Scouts.

So, we drove through a relatively quiet downtown and headed back out to the Chinese Restaurant near the Co-Op Country Store where none of us had ever eaten.

Great choice!

Lovely dishes filled with Chinese delights, beautifully arranged and tasty down to the last bite.  

After eating all I could and sharing a few bites, I brought home a significant  portion of my almond chicken.  I'd forgotten how rich those deep-fried morsals of chicken swimming in delicious gravy can be. 

Bill and Willie loved their fortune cookies, which collectively suggested a trip to the south and an exciting athletic event in their future.  

Anyway, we celebrated Debbie's birthday last night cuz half of the Love couples will be gone today, and Debbie will be working part of the day.

Bill and Willie will head to Moscow later this morning to watch the newest chapter in Idaho Vandal football.  They'll hang around after the game while Willie participates in the post-game interview with new coach Jason Gesser.  

Then, he'll write his story, file it, and they'll drive home this evening.

Debbie will spend part of her birthday working with Girl Scouts who will be positioned outside local grocery stores, encouraging shoppers to purchase items for the Bonner County Food Bank.  

So, if you're local and see a Girl Scout at your favorite grocery store, help out the cause. 

It's looking like a beautiful day ahead, so I'll probably continue with my yard work.  After all, the leaves keep falling.

And, we even have more time to do whatever is on our schedule.  I'm thinking still about doing something memorable during our annual extra hour.  Maybe I'll take a short horseback ride.

Anyway, it's a good-looking Saturday, so here's wishing a great day for everyone.

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