Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow-Shovel Day

I felt like one of the county truck drivers this morning while breaking a pathway to the barn.  

Powdery snow about an inch deep flew in waves to either side as the shovel scraped along frozen ground.  

In my case, no mailboxes got in the way.  

I'd never zeroed in on so many plywood or heavy metal mailbox fortresses until our move to the Selle Valley six years ago.  

We don't have anything guarding ours.  I'm sure the longtime locals drive by and deduce right away that we must be town folks.  

Ours is not quite like other mailboxes, though.  It sits at a downward angle almost touching the ground.  There's a story to be told about that, but I'll refrain.

Anyway, the plowing job,  opening my way to the barn,  was pretty easy.

And, as I sit here typing, my pant cuffs are dry.  

When I returned to the house from chores and a walk, I announced to Bill it sure was snowing out there. 

He kept reading yesterday's newspaper and said, "Yup."  

"It's really coming down," I added.

"Yup," he said, then looking out the window.

Bill still hadn't reacted properly.

"Look at me," I said. "It sure is snowing."  

He turned his head, looked at the semi-abominable snow lady standing in the kitchen and  then agreed once more that it was definitely snowing.

Yup, I'm guessing we've even had another inch since I first did my snow-shovel plowing.  

They say it's gonna warm up by noon and turn to rain, so I'm guessing there'll be no need for a tractor and plow today.  That suits me just fine.

I felt fortunate over the weekend,  with cold dry weather, to clean up some more cartfuls of leaves.  Most now lie in piles in the woods and near the barn. 

Next spring's cleanup won't be bad. 

In other news, I spent some time in town the other day and realized that I need to make a point of walking the downtown streets to get acquainted with all the businesses.

For a native to walk into a store on Main Street and remark, "I never knew this store was here," and to have the proprietor say, "This store has been here for 12 years," I must be a little behind in keeping up with my hometown.

I discovered that particular store after learning that Sandpoint Music no longer occupies the space on the corner of Third and Cedar.  Wonder how many years ago that change occurred.

I learned about the Sandpoint Music move while searching for someone who gives banjo lessons.  

Well, Adam at Main Street Music and Games directed me to walk south on First and go to that little mall across from Starbucks.  

While visiting with him, I learned that Adam has quite a supply of gently used merchandise---comics, DVDs, sheet music, instruments and even some fishing gear in his store----all reasonably priced too. 

He and his wife also own The Fish Trap a couple of doors down.  

After saying good bye to Adam, I proceeded on down First Avenue and found Flatpick Earl's.  Wasn't that Snowy River at one time?

Anyway, Flatpick told me he'd teach me whatever I want to know about playing the banjo.  

And, that was even after I had told him that he was dealing with a total musical novice with no talent.   

Brave man, Flatpick aka Dennis Coats is to take me on.

I drove home, delighted that I'd accomplished my goal of going downtown and finding a banjo teacher. 

I also decided that it's take a few more trips to town and find out what else is occupying all those store fronts with a bunch of brand-new names (at least to me, anyway).  

It could be a fascinating journey.  I'll put that project on my winter bucket list.

Meanwhile, the snow keeps falling, and it's time to get on with this day.

GO ZAGS tonight against West Virginia!  It's gonna be a late night with the game starting at 9 p.m. on ESPN.
Happy Monday.  And, congratulations to my friends who are Oregon Ducks fans.  No. 1, not bad!

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Go Ducks and Go Zags. Good thing they don't play at the same time!