Monday, November 05, 2012

Strange Monday

Maybe it's the wind.

Maybe it's the storm before the post-election calm.

The sky to the east is very, very dark.

All those areas I raked yesterday----covered with a new blanket of leaves this morning.

On the way down the lane, Lefty spooked at the wind and broke loose from my grasp. I generally just put a lead rope around my horses' necks.  This morning that wasn't enough.

Once loose, Lefty pranced around for a minute or two.  

I tried urging him into the hayfield by swinging the lead rope.  Enjoying his rare rebel status, he insisted on going the opposite direction.

Last ditch effort:  fling the lead rope at Lefty.  It worked.  He went through the gate into his pasture.

With daylight and a fairly dry morning, I walked through the woods with the dogs.  On my way back,  I saw Lily looking off to the northwest.  

A four-legged something, maybe a coyote, was trotting off along the fenceline.  I never saw it well enough to make a determination.

Maybe it was a pygmy Bigfoot.  

Ya know, the big hairy guy has been scaring hikers in Utah woods this past week.  I saw that story on the Internet news last night and even watched the video.  

Whatever the case, I didn't run from my unknown creature this morning.  After all, Lily and Lefty were in between to save me. 

The morning has been strange in computerland too.  After grumbling and groaning, like it does occasionally, my desktop drew my attention with a window telling me it was low on virtual memory.  

Windows was doing something about that, it said.

I left Windows to its work and went outside to let the wind do its thing.

When I came back upstairs and signed in, a window below the administrator square said 225 programs were running.


I just turned that damn thing off and started over again.  This time, when I went into Mozilla Firefox, it said I had opened the browser 13 times.  

I shut all but one down and here I am, hoping it works well enough for me to publish my blog.  

I'll figure it out eventually.  Kinda reminds me of the morning before Julius Caesar died, according to Shakespeare anyway.

Wild and furious weather, a lion walking through the capital.

Could today's weird events be an omen?  Who knows?

I'll just be really careful when I see a banana peel in my pathway.  

Happy Monday.  Look out for Bigfoot.  Heeeeeeez out there!

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