Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Twitterdeedripdrip

Oh, my, did we ever have a wet day yesterday!  The Lovestead looks like Minnesota, land of several lakes.

Five doggies spent most of the yesterday in the garage.  At one point early last evening, I opened the door to let them out for a break.

Miss Brooke led the pack---sorta.  The other four held back and watched as Brooke trotted a quick loop and hurried back through the door.  

"Okay, I guess you don't want to go out," I said.

The horses felt the same way about the rain.  They spent most of their day standing in the shelter and not really caring about feeding their tummies.

This morning the rain stopped long enough for me to enjoy a quick walk after chores.  It has begun again. 

I'm looking ahead, and Thanksgiving is supposed to be dry, so in the next couple of days I'll work on indoor projects as much as I can stand to do.  

My cranberries and sweet potatoes are ready for the big day, as are some pies.  

Schwan's did the honors with the grasshopper pies, while I baked some pumpkin pies from garden pumpkins last night.

And, of course, there's that Mennonite pecan pie in the freezer. 

With these early preparations, if all goes well, I'll be able to make up for lost time with some quality outside activity on Thanksgiving Day.

Tomorrow I'll be driving to Spokane to pick up Annie.  No doubt Second Avenue Pizza will be getting an order long about the time we drive through Post Falls on the way back.

Gosh, that means just one meal to figure out for tonight.  Then, the ongoing pig-out marathon begins, as will the movies and the basketball games.

Gonzaga plays at 6 on Thanksgiving night, so Barbara says dinner has to be completed before then.  I hope we don't eat too much turkey cuz we like to stay awake during basketball games.

Maybe a family walk in between dinner and the game will do the trick. 

In other news, last night I received an email that reminded me how old I'm getting to be.  It was from Paula, the wife of famed and much beloved SHS biology teacher Dean Fredlund.

They're looking ahead to next year and figuring that a 50-year reunion is coming up for students Dean taught while at the high school.

Yup, those folks from the class of 1963---a few of whom took me under their wing during our school days---are hitting their 50 year as SHS grads.  

That means only two more, and we'll be celebrating our 50th.  

Yikes!  Mike, do we have money left in the fund to get started?  I've heard that my classmate and perennial reunion planner, Mike, reads this blog, so this could be considered a heads-up.  Time is a-wastin' before we turn really old too.

And, of course, we'll be wanting Dean and Paula to come to our reunion!  So, Paula tell that Dean that "Down Brown" says to get ready for a few years of fun.

I cherish good memories of Dean Fredlund who always got the loudest applause in the gymnasium when Dick Sodorff introduced the faculty to the student body on the first day of school.  

And, we always knew that one particular teacher got mad at the decibel level extended to Dean.

Of course, that silent rage may have had something to do with the squishy biology specimens certain students attached to this particular teacher's attendance hook.  

I can imagine just how "EEEEEUUUUU" the grimy stuff felt when the unsuspecting hand slapped that attendance sheet against it. 

Computerized attendance has certainly taken away from the fun 50 years later. 

Enough.  Gotta head on my way.  Happy Tuesday.  Stay dry. 

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Anonymous said...

Dean Fredlund--one of the greatest teachers I had. Wonderful sense of humor. He made biology a true classroom of "I want to be here."

I still remember the potato-iodine experiment.

And, I remember his positive reinforcement methods. Thanks, Mr. Fredlund.