Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Wish Come True

Grandma Tibbs with some of her grand and great-grandkids.  Annie, Laura (granddaughters); Grace, Jacob and Justine, great-grandkids.
Jacob, Justine, Grandma Tibbs, Annie, Laurie and Grace.  Back Row:  Marianne, Mary, Mike, Kevin, Joyce, Jim, Laura, Bill, Barbara and Sefo.

Last week Mother told me that her Christmas wish was to spend time with her family.  I asked her what else she wanted.  

"I want to see my family together on Christmas day," she repeated.

Her wish was granted yesterday as many family members congregated at Mother's residence.

Even dogs showed up in their festive apparel.

She did receive a few presents beyond the great wish come true---several nightgowns and some other clothing.

For more than two hours,  she held court and shared some good one-liners along with heartfelt appreciation.

"I love you all to death," she told us, then adding, " I never wanted to kill you."

The second part of that classic quote could be disputed by each and every one of her six children.

Twas a great Christmas afternoon, and the gift for everyone who showed up with the continuous smile on our beloved matriarch's face. 

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