Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh Happy Daze

I'm feeling pretty good this morning---there's an extra bounce to my step, in fact.

Could be because the stress of Christmas has passed.   

Might be the good weather and knowing we have a week's worth of it to come with basically cool and dry conditions.

There's also the very distinct possibility that my Christmas present, displayed in the bottom left of the photo,  might be providing an added boost.

I'm now the proud owner of a happy lamp.  I'm sure it has a different formal name, but in my mind, if it works, "happy lamp" seems appropriate.

Annie gave it to me for Christmas.

She lives in Seattle, and she has given her own "happy lamp" a try.  She says the light makes a big difference on those frequent gloomy days, known so well to Seattleites. 

Today is the first day I've given my new lamp a try----not because I needed it but more to test it out.  

I think its true test will come, though, on a really dark, rainy day.

I'm thinking its presence may also work like snowblowers do during some winters.  Seems like when folks start stocking up on snowblowers, we don't get much snow.

So, if nothing else, the happy lamp may influence some happy weather.

I'm also happy this morning for Miss Kiwi.

She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to the Pooch Parlor this morning.  I decided to take Foster along with her so she doesn't get all nervous during her bath and grooming session.

Kiwi,  in the past year or so,  has taken on a distinctive smell---one that does NOT invite a lot of petting.  

So, I'm thinking if she can get a good bath and a grooming during these cold dry winter days, the odor might stay away for a while.

Kiwi's a true farm dog, and she can find a good cow pie every so often and roll in it.  I have no doubt that some of the smells she gets into during her travels have collaborated for one big awful smell. 

As for Foster, he stays pretty clean, and I enjoy bathing him.  He's a perfect gentleman from start to finish.

I've heard that one of the groomers has mini Aussies, so it will be fun for her to meet Foster and definitely an added treat to see him all primped up, now that he's grown some of his young adult coat. 

Of course, we'll take pictures.

I'm also happy cuz we're going to see Willie in a little while.  He and Debbie and the pups went to Boise for Christmas.

Willie had basketball practice late yesterday afternoon, so he and the pups drove back to Sandpoint.   Debbie will return later.

Today his junior varsity team plays its first game in a tournament at Lakeland.  Some Seattle schools are coming over, so they'll surely have their hands full.  It will be a good experience for the Bulldog JV's. 

Willie will come by and drop off the pups before boarding a bus for today's 12:30 game.  It will be good for him and Annie to see each other.  

My final reason for being happy today is that I have officially signed up for banjo lessons, starting next Thursday.

Fiddlin' Red will be my teacher.  He looks like Wild Bill HickockThose long curly locks topped off with a broad-brimmed hat give him a very distinct look.

Fiddlin' Red does fiddle and fix guitars, but he also informed me he's been teaching banjo since 1968.  

He believes music ought to be fun.

We both agreed that playing Carnegie Hall is not in my aspirations, just yet, anyway.  

Plucking out in the barn will be just fine with me---and hopefully the horses---when I know something about playing a tune.

Bill gave me the money for a month's worth of lessons (once a week), and Fiddlin' Red told me that his students usually know within that first month if they want to proceed. 

So, lots of reasons for this happy day and looking forward to many, many more happy daze with my new lamp.

May your Thursday be filled with joy              


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