Friday, December 28, 2012

What Day Is It?

One would think that after ten years of retirement, I'd learn how to keep my days straight.  

But, then, ten years into retirement, we're not expected to keep 'em all straight, right?

We're older and we have an excuse----declining memory.

Still, this week has been a total blur date-wise.

My brother told me yesterday morning he was leaving fairly early this morning to get home in time for "the game."

"What game?" I thought, trying to figure out which bowl game of the 3,000 or so would be important enough to plan a trip across Washington around its schedule.

Then, somebody told me the Gonzaga game against Baylor was today.

"Where did this week go?" I thought to myself.  I had been thinking the next "big game" for the Zags was still days off.

Nope, it's today, and today is Friday.  

Where DID this week go, anyway?

I guess it must have been a lot of fun because, as they say, time flies when you're having fun.  Yup, we've had some fun times over the past few days.

Time also flies when the whole week gets mixed up with a holiday plopped in the middle.  

Two Mondays, we've had, it seems. 

I'll just have to accept that several days disappeared between the second Monday and this Friday.

What I do know, for sure,  is that today---Friday/Game Day---has suddenly turned out to be busier than expected.  

Since the Pooch Parlor was already booked up yesterday, doggie spa visits had to be postponed until today.  

I'll load up Kiwi and Foster in an hour or so.  I'm hoping they will allow me to leave the place without a lot of screeching and whining.   Might have to stay to soothe Foster's separation anxiety. 

Then, at noon comes Marianne's beauty  appointment.

There's gonna be a whole lot of maintenance going on.  Hopefully, all of us will all look more beautiful when the primping is over.

In the meantime, Annie's heading up to the mountain to go snowboarding with a friend.

Willie has probably already headed off for the day.  His JV team has a game in Rathdrum at 9:30 a.m.

 That means he'll be back this afternoon to pick up his pups who stayed for a sleepover here at the Lovestead last night.  

We'll all come together later in the afternoon at somebody's house to watch the big game.  

And, we're hoping Gonzaga pulls this one off cuz Baylor has knocked off a giant or two already this season.

Anyway, I at least now know what day of the week this is:  ZAGSday.  

So, what's tomorrow?

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