Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Slight

We did not want to have our picture taken, but it sure was nice lounging on the couch.  

I'm pretty sure that's what Kiwi and Foster would tell you after their day at the Pooch Parlor.

Topnotch reports on both dogs' behavior made for a happy mama.

Kiwi was nervous so the ladies put Foster right next to her during her beauty treatment.  

She also had to have her derriere clipped close to the skin in spots because of matted hair on the backs of her legs.

Of course, it will grow out, and it doesn't look too bad unless you're fixated on looking at a dog's rear end.

Now, Foster's little tush demands some extra looks.  A masterful job of trimming his feathers gave him "the Aussie rear end."  

A very successful day, indeed, for the doggies.  With dry days ahead, their beauty treatments should last a while.

~~~~On this Saturday morning, I'm feeling a little bit every which way but loose.  I awakened in the night, thinking it was time to get up.  It was 1:45.

So, back to sleep and, with the next wake-up urge, I figured I'd slept only a couple of hours.  

Looking at the clock, I launched into action.  It was five minutes to SIX.

Heck, at five minutes to SIX, I'm usually headed downstairs from my morning coffee/Internet fix and ready to go out to feed the horses.

Needless to say, this morning has been inside out.  Priorities say that the horses could care less if the breakfast server slept in.

They're hungry.

So, that was my first move after scurrying through my bath and dress-up routine.

I left the barn cleaning until after the blog and shortened the usual morning walk.  Newspapers were read at approximately the same time.

At this age in life, a break in the daily routine---especially in the morning---borders on traumatic.  But I've managed to stay calm, knowing things will get done and all will be back to normal soon.

Today promises a different schedule anyway.  It's my turn to drive to Spokane Airport, since Bill took the "bring Annie home" segment.

Today I'll be taking her back, but we'll be leaving a couple of hours earlier than needed.  

That's because Debbie will be at the airport fairly early this morning after flying in from Boise where she spent Christmas with her family.

We'll pick up Debbie and find a place for lunch and a visit, since it's the only opportunity Annie and Debbie have to see each other over this holiday season.

Then, we'll drop Annie off and head on home.

Normally, Willie would be picking Debbie up, but he had to be up and at 'em at a very early "oh-dark-thirty" this morning.

His JV's play at the Rathdrum tournament at 8 a.m.

Willie says this tournament, which has featured teams from the West Coast of Washington, has been a great learning experience for his young Bulldogs. 

They have not won games, but they have progressed with their skills while playing the tougher teams.

As for the other Bulldog team that we all love dearly----what a night it was for the ZAGS last night and Kevin Pangos and Elias and Kelly and all of Mark Few's squad!

12-1  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ZAGS generally keep us on the edge of our seats, as they did last night, but they are truly a joy to watch.  

I've said it before.  We're so fortunate to have such a fun team to call our own, and with their stepping it up a notch this year, following the ZAGS definitely produces some added excitement and the best antidote every for the winter blues. 

Let's hope  and pray some "Hail Mary's" that T Boone Pickens' purchase of the remaining 4,000 seats to give away free to Cowboys fans at the Oklahoma State-ZAGS game Dec. 31 turns out to be nothing more than a good tax write-off for the billionaire. 

GO ZAGS!  Happy Saturday. 

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