Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mike's Magical Land

I took a different route into town the other day.  I'll probably be taking that route often during the next couple of weeks.

My friend and classmate Mike Rosenberger has created a magical holiday scene beyond anything I've ever seen in this area.

After my first drive-by, I resolved to come back again with my camera.

Yesterday afternoon seemed like a good time to do that.  I must say that taking time to really absorb Mike's creation turned into a spirit lifter for me.

After the events and aftermath of Friday's horrific massacre in Connecticut, this colorful wonderland between the two Shingle Mill Roads east of Sandpoint can do so much to remind us of the generous and genuinely wonderful hearts that exist in this country.

Mike Rosenberger owns one of those hearts.  I have always admired him for his tenacity, his zest for life and the hard work he puts in as a professional. Mike owns North Idaho Steam Clearning.

He also has a wonderful family.  I had the honor of working with his daughter Tasha as a 4-H'er and as an English student.  

Tasha has inherited her father's work ethic and vision.  She and her husband own the Loading Dock and the Pita Pit in downtown Sandpoint.

These folks have never been afraid to put in the time necessary for a job well done.

Mike's display in his yard exemplifies that very point in a delightful way.

Seven days----that's how long it takes him to put up the display, which includes 28 blow-ups.

Mike told me to be sure to come back after dark.  

I did.  

After watching that phenomenal Gonzaga victory at the Battle in Seattle last night on TV, I took my sisters, their two pups and my daughter-in-law Debbie for a mystery drive, of sort

We drove through Selle and turned onto West Shingle Mill Road.  

No need to tell them we had reached our destination.  The scene at night is beyond magical and such a therapeutic treat for any heavy heart during this holiday season.

Thank you, Mike, for being your wonderful self and for providing such a gift to the community.

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MsMerlina said...

Happy Hols from B.C.! I've enjoyed your blogs since June of this year when I was following links starting with an article you'd written. I check your blogger randomly every few weeks, sometimes a bit more often.

My Mom & I went to Sandpoint early June 2012 on a brief road trip. First, we stayed in Creston B.C. where she hadn't visited since she was a teen in the mid 1940's. The last time I was there was just after my marriage in 1974.

In June of this year we had much grief due to recent deaths in the family, my sister & my Mom's sister so we really needed to get away. On our itinerary was a trip from Creston to Sandpoint to relax by the lake at the Edgewater Resort. There was much rain during that time & everything was so green and almost mysteriously lovely! We went to an evening event at the Panida theater hosted by Viggo Mortensen and it was a beautiful night to remember. We had a great time!

Sandpoint was a turning point for my Mom & me, a time of healing.

When you wrote about the Christmas cards and people on your list I couldn't believe how much you think like I do...and yes, I stressed a bit about cards each December cuz I loved to receive Christmas greetings in the mail every year! I felt compelled to finally comment to you.

It's so interesting to me how our lives were similar many years ago. I was an English major in university aiming for a literary career. My birthday is in July, I married in 1974 in June when I was 18...because of love, no other reason.

All I ever wanted was what you have - a simple loving life in the country in a beautiful artistic community, a life with a husband, horses, dogs and writing. Your life is idyllic to me. I'm sure it's not always perfect, but you are blessed. When you describe an anniversary at a favorite restaurant - your family with you, and going home to a quiet life with lovely animals...I can almost cry.

Starting with similarities in the 1970's our lives veered off in such opposite directions, yours and mine. I had two dogs and a nice house with my husband for only a few years - but he broke up the marriage and I still had two dogs. All the family is gone now, except for one sibling far away and my Mom with me.

To have a loving family and a peaceful home in the life changes after one or two life altering situations where a person goes down a different road, just trying to survive. I'm an optimist though and look forward to what's next!

Mom & I found Sandpoint to be a wonderful, charming and endearing place of artistry and nature with nice people everywhere. I would love to go back sometime in the future.

I want to say to you - about 2 years ago I stopped thinking about who sent Christmas cards to me - I suddenly didn't care...but it did open my eyes more about people. I send mine anyway...because I care to give. There are many people in this world - when it comes down to it - they mainly don't follow the Golden Rule about cards & a lot of stuff - it's just reality.

I'll keep trying! Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones!

I'd prefer you keep this comment private, please. I'm MsMerlina and have a blogger - feel free to read anytime and I have Twitter as well where comments are enabled. Thanks for reading.