Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow Day - Yay!

Placido Domingo and Glenn Close are dueting it out downstairs---first Christmas music of the season here at the Love house.  

Beautiful, as always.

What a perfect day to listen to Heaven-sent music!  

Snow is deep.  Snow is breath-taking. 

Snow IS its usual headache this year, with an added twist.

We discovered very quickly this morning that shoveling, blowing and plowing were more of an urgency than usual.

We have a little dog this year.  

This little dog has a heckuva time finding a place to do his business when there are no trails or openings in 14 inches---and counting---of snow.

So, Bill and I were out early, opening potty pathways for Foster.

Having a little guy like Foster also makes one all the more aware of heavy dumps of snow sliding off rooftops.

So, when Foster finally got to do his duty this morning, he had to do it in the lane at the end of a leash.

For the remainder of the day, that will be the rule.  Cats will also stay inside until all the earth-quake-level rattlings have ended.

The unusually large amount of overnight snow brought an added bit of joy to my day.

At about 5:15 a.m., I had just come from taking my bath and getting dressed when the phone rang. 

It was a robo-call from Lake "Pendorell" School District.  Yes, Pendorell.

After the introduction, a lady announced that all schools would be closed today.

For a retired teacher ten years out, that was still music to my ears.  I hadn't even done a snow dance, but I was happy.

I still belong.  That's a good feeling.

Plus, I know that my sisters will have the day----which they will definitely need---to plow out their three driveways and the barn area.  

Of course, they may want to wait a while cuz this stuff is piling up.  

But then, they also have pups, with short legs.  

I'll bet they were out early opening up potty trails too.

All part of the fun of winter in North Idaho.

At least, for today, it's beautiful, and I know a lot of skiers (including students) are very, very happy.

I'm hearing the avalanche-prevention blasts up at Schweitzer where they received 14 inches overnight.

Yup, snow day!  Yay, for sure, unless you're a little pup with short legs.

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