Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to the Business of Living

Enough couch potatoing.  It's time to get back to life, and this morning my body says, "Yes."

Great feeling to return to the living.

Oh, the nose is still running and sneezes are still catching me offguard occasionally, but, overall, that two-day routine of lying around, drinking lots of fluids and watching more television than I have in years did the trick.

I kind of enjoyed seeing what's out there in programming on all those channels we get from Direct TV.

Yesterday, I watched a few shows on the Oprah network but soon grew weary of the every-five-minute reminder that Oprah had a big interview last night with the "Whitney" family.

Her program teasers showed the provocative, highly personal questions that only she and Barbara Walters get away with asking.  What would our world be without such engaging, titillating interviewers?

Speaking of Barbara, I see she has the chickenpox.  I didn't know people could get the chickenpox when they're 83.

I told Bill about Barbara, and his comment was, "Well, now she has to dread the shingles."  
Yesterday, my friend advised me to get a vaccination for the shingles.  That was in the same conversation where she suggested that had I gotten a flu shot, I may not have been so miserable.

No sympathy from her when I told her that I'm a shot-o-phobiac.  Can't even watch them giving someone a vaccination on TV.  And, lord knows, with the flu so prevalent this time of the year, there's more than enough footage of flu vaccinations.

Lots of looking away from the screen for me.

One program I did enjoy yesterday was a National Geographic documentary about three mountain men riding into a rendezvous.  

It kept my interest throughout---no flu shots given---but a lot of banter about the "greenhorn" who didn't know the ways of the trail, including how to get on his mule. The other two competed for title of "leader" among the group.

The first self-declared leader got the last laugh when his competitor suggested that camp should be over closer to the lake where they might have a chance to catch or shoot their dinner.

Well, when No. 1 leader's horse got swallowed up by a bog and had to be pulled out because of No. 2's faulty suggestion, there was no dispute as to who was the true leader of the pack.

They rode along the Snake River and across it, then rode over the top of the Tetons into their rendezvous.  "Greenhorn" was mighty happy with all he learned from all his mistakes.

All in all, I've watched enough extra hours of television to satisfy my needs for a few years.  

This morning that banjo looks a lot more inviting than it has for three days, and it's a beautiful day outside. 

So, it's time to make up for lost time.  I must say that these occasional bouts with flu and colds remind me that no ounce of good health is to be taken for granted.

Happy Tuesday and good health to all. 



Patsy said...

Just turn your head when they give you the shot. I have had the flu shot, shingles shot, and the pneumonia shot...I don't want any of those illnesses.Those shots can't be worse than labor pains.lol.

Word Tosser said...

I too was surprised that they called it chicken pox...as I figured at her age, she had to encounter chicken pox.. which would lead this to be shingles..
I am not fond of shots either.. remember when we were in school they had the polio shot, and the biggest football player (over 250# and 6'2") hit the floor as soon as he saw the needle.. they gave him the shot and brought him back. lol..
only shots I have had was when it wamandatoryry at work, as I skirted the ones that weren't.

Anonymous said...

I have had friends with Shingles - no fun at all. A few years ago I read on the CDC site about the percentage of people who get Shingles and the percentage who get the bad side effects - which can last the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

My doctor said---and I quote---"You're stupid not to get the shingles shot. I'm not going to be sympathetic if you get shingles." So I got it, and I'm glad, 'cause everyone I know who's had shingles says they're awful. Take Patsy's advice and just turn your head.