Sunday, January 06, 2013


It's a single, remarkable occurrence.  

I can remember that meaning so distinctly from the hundreds of Word Clues words I learned myself and then taught to my students as valuable vocabulary study.

"Appear upon" abstract noun---the "y" makes it abstract.

The word is best known for this day, January 6, associated with the Three Kings (Remember those guys of "Orient Are" with their gifts?) and Jesus Christ's Baptism.

The day signifies the end of the Christmas season.

In general terms, it signifies a single, remarkable occurrence or,  maybe best said in modern terms, an "A-HA" moment.  

I don't really know what a photo of a packed-down snowshoe trail across our field has to do with "epiphany," but then maybe I do.  

First, of all, it's kinda pretty, and I think most epiphanies conjure up positive thoughts. 

That little trail off to the side, probably created by that little dog Foster, actually makes the eye take a second look.  

And, of course, the brain---schooled with any background in Robert Frost's poetry---clicks on to that thought:  the road less taken.

Thinking about the "roads less taken" can evoke epiphanous moments in our lives.  

In most cases, those diversions from our main trails have led us to life adventures that have made all the difference. 

So, happy Epiphany to all who think in religious terms and here's wishing many epiphanous moments in 2013 for those still traveling down main roads looking for meaningful diversions.

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