Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday Miscellany

My morning walk was put on hold this morning.  It seemed more important to pull the tractor out of the shed and open up the driveway.

We have about three inches of new snow this morning.

It actually wasn't too bad plowing, and this morning's session may do the trick, if rain comes this afternoon.

We do have a building with a roof needing to be cleaned off continuously this winter.  So, I'll be doing that later.

The shelter shed in the first pasture was probably the first built in the series of three.  Its pitch leaves a lot to be desired, especially when heavy snow comes.

With the last two dumps of heavy snow followed by rain, one of the frames supporting the roof broke almost in two.  So, we've now have a leaning shed and will have to do something to fix that come spring.

In the meantime, we'll try to keep the roof cleaned.

Should be some good snowshoeing today.  I've continued to add to the trails around the place, and some of the photos above were taken during various snowshoeing outings over the weekend. 

Mr. Penguin has become the big attraction at the bird feeder.  Both chickadees and this little woodpecker have been enjoying penguin treats. 

Everyone goes back to work today, so that means I'll have a full slate of doggie power with Todd and Brooke coming back from vacation.

We have a new dynamic here with the dogs.  With each new day, little Foster turns more protective of his peeps and his food.

Foster has Todd and Brooke so intimidated by his scary snarls that Todd (four times bigger than Foster) chose to spend part of his evening one night with his nose buried in the corner between the couch and the bookcase.

Later, Foster sensing his friend's emotional misery jumped from the Love seat, went over to Todd and submitted.  

Of course, that repaired friendship will last until the next dog dish incident or when there's a need to guard Mom on the love seat.

I've tried to tell Foster that it's not nice to treat his relatives like that, but he remains steadfast in protecting HIS property. 

Sportswise, we're still pretty happy here at the Lovestead.  ZAGS continue to win---15-1 now.   

And, the Seahawks continue moving forward in the playoffs.  

So far, the trifecta of regional team dominance with Boise State, Gonzaga and Seattle remains intact.  Keeping the fingers crossed.

I am also feeling a bit sorry for Willie this week.  

He received a call several days ago from the San Jose Mercury News, asking if he'd like to cover the Gonzaga-St. Mary's game this Thursday for the paper. 

"Of course," he said------then learned that a make-up game for his JV's is scheduled Thursday night in Bonners Ferry. 

It was a difficult choice, but Willie chose in favor of his primary commitment to his own players.  

Sometimes life deals us those situations, and it ain't easy, but, in the long run, I'm sure everyone around Willie appreciates his sense of responsibility.

Still . . . twould have been nice. 

Big game tonight, and I'm hoping Notre Dame wins the BCS National Championship.

GO IRISH!  Happy Monday. 

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