Friday, January 11, 2013

Mixed Bag

There's ice on them-there roads this morning, and it's gonna be a bit slippery walking and driving for the next few days.  

The chill is coming, and that's okay with me.  The good news with the chill is that suns are appearing on the local ten-day weather forecast for nine days straight, starting tomorrow. 

The good news about that includes obvious good moods, no need for the happy lamp, and increased daylight each day.  

In ten days, we're gonna be feeling like we've come out of the darkness and happily so. 

This good weather news means fairly easy living for animals with no slop, a little cold but heaters to help that. 

I like it.

My banjo instructor told me yesterday that I was "above average" among his beginning students.  Of course, he failed to tell me how many beginning banjo players he's currently teaching.

I told him that he just wanted to get another month of lessons out of me.  He did not dispute.

I am getting added benefit from my banjo lessons.  Fiddlin Red fixed the strap on my banjo case so that once more I can pack it on my back and look like the real deal. 

Yesterday I cradled the banjo down the street and into the music store---just like carrying a baby. I'm sure that cut quite the image to passersby.

In addition to strap repair, I'm getting Bigfoot.

My banjo teacher is just like me.  He likes to tell stories.  And, if you hit the right word in story-telling exercises, that's like hitting the sweet spot on a banjo.

Yesterday my mention of "Bigfoot" struck a chord with Fiddlin' Red.  Within seconds, I knew I'd hit the super jackpot on story starters.

We discussed several his Bigfoot experiences---which include a 1.5 mile tracking of a Sasquatch (with at least size 16 feet)  in Northeastern Washington. 

Eventually we got back to "Old Joe Clark."  That's when I heard the term "above average." 

This appraisal came after Fiddlin Red had probably heard nothing resembling Old Joe Clark as I demonstrated what I'd "mastered" over the week.  

He wrote out the second half of the song, told me to play each part twice, and we called it a day.  

He also promised me that if I bring my daughter-in-law Debbie (a true Bigfoot believer)  in to meet him, he'll tell her at least one Sasquatch story.

Doesn't get any better than that when you decide to learn to pluck and strum.   

In other news, we're hearing about a string of burglaries occurring recently out Sagle way.  That brings to mind a site on Facebook that I think can be a good tool for staying alert to such situations.

I say that cuz when I read the "official records" in the local paper this morning----January 11---they had progressed to Dec. 21.  So, we might be a bit behind on finding out what's going on, especially with people breaking into houses to steal guns, jewelry and other valuables. 

So, I'll suggest that anyone local with an interest in knowing what's going on, tune into "North Idaho Community Watch" on Facebook.  That's where I've been learning of a lot of the break-ins.

Plus, some of the contributors on the site offer some good suggestions about neighborhood communication and vigilance.  

Bill talked with one person yesterday who had been robbed the day before.  Apparently, these thieves are pretty brazen once they enter homes from what the victim shared with Bill. 

One question does come to mind----as I continue to hear about all these local home invasions/burglaries----many of which involve making off with the family gun collections. 

If the good people have a bunch of guns in their homes and then bad people break in while they're away and steal all those guns, how does that help them protect themselves from the bad guys?

Just wondering!

Great game again last night for the ZAGS.  Heart-stopping, as usual, but one more victory and probably a step-up in the national rankings since No. 4 Arizona lost to Oregon.   16-1  Keep it up, ZAGS!

Happy Friday. 

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Word Tosser said...

that is why they should have gun safes with combo's not keys..and not gun cabinet... not to say they won't lose it, just it cuts down the aveages..