Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Friday SUNday

While the sky may have been falling in Russia, endorphins were flitting all over the palce and working in bountiful ways yesterday here in North Idaho.

Ahhhh! The February sun received an enthusiastic welcome yesterday as it hung around most of the day.  It was a day of pure enjoyment, to say the least.

Plus, my body got a workout.

In addition to my usual morning walk, which inches a little further with the extra light of each day, I took my tuned-up bicycle for a spin up and down Selle Road.

The air was a bit brisk, and I could have used an extra wrap and some gloves, but the exhilaration of the year's first bike ride alongside the beautiful Selle Valley farm fields helped me forget how cold it was. 

My bike works well, and all that walking and snow shoeing this winter seems to have prepared the leg muscles well for the pedal-pushing adventures ahead.

Besides several outdoor projects and a couple of walks through the woods and fields with the dogs, I enjoyed some more exercise during my trip to town.

My mother was sleeping soundly when I went to visit,  so I drove on down to the bike path to Dover and parked the car.  

It was the perfect place to walk because the afternoon sun had moved west and was shining back as I walked from the east.

My only regret was not having my camera along, but I had not planned to have this extra opportunity for a walk in the sun.

Besides the beautiful sights, I enjoyed the added pleasure of running into not one, not two, but THREE of my compatriots----all retired teachers from Sandpoint High.

First, as two ladies in the distance came closer, I could see their faces:  BJ Biddle and Nancy Miller, both English-teaching colleagues.   

We stopped, hugged and wasted no time catching up briefly with our respective lives.

Then, a couple walking their dog came closer.  It was John and Janice Knowles. John taught carpentry at Sandpoint High School.  He also built our house on Great Northern Road in 1985 after a fire destroyed the previous residence.

We talked tales of Gonzaga, where Janice's brother-in-law bought in to the Kennel a few years back, meaning that John and Janice have attended a ZAGS game. 

Their daughter Kelly was born within months of Willie, and way back then, we joked that they could go on a date when they turned 16.  

Well, that never happened, but they did remain friends and graduated from SHS in 1995.  Janice told me that Kelly has a teaching connection to Gonzaga also.

John and Janice's son Ryan was born the same year as Annie.  He's been an assistant football coach at Colgate for several years, and, of course, John was proudly wearing his Colgate fleece jacket yesterday.

For several years, the Knowles lived directly across the road from my folks on North Boyer.  They were always helpful, friendly and supportive neighbors.

After some good visiting, the group of old codger teachers finally parted company, and I continued on my way.  

Within a minute or so, a biker came up from behind and slowed down.

Another treat.  It was Vance Ekwortzell.  We started first grade together at Lincoln School and our educational journeys paralleled clear through college.  

Vance and I visited for about twenty minutes as the sun continued to shine and cast its warmth on that gorgeous day. 

Yup, the endorphins were very active yesterday, and I enjoyed every minute. 

I'm not sure my body enjoyed itself with all that extra exercise, but that's okay.  It will face many more similar days as the weather continues to provide more outside opportunities. 

We're supposed to get a little rain today, and that will be okay.  The ZAGS play at 1:30 this afternoon in San Francisco.  So, we'll be content to stay inside and cheer them on, hopefully to win No. 25.

GO ZAGS!  Happy Saturday. 

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