Friday, February 15, 2013

How Sweet It Is . . . .

I started the packing process this morning.  In my case, it will be a little each day until Tuesday when Bill and I point that Jimmy work truck---with its Sirius radio---south and head off on our great adventure.

The first item lined up for packing:  my Mariners hat, purchased last September when Bill, Annie and I attended a Mariners-Red Sox game in Seattle.

Well, in a little over a week, Bill and I will be attending a Mariners-Angels spring training game in Peoria, AZ.  So, it's important to have one's hat.  Plus, Bill's been reading up on all the Felix developments.  

Heck, one day this week, he suggested that the Felix contract story ($175 million over seven years) might even rival the Pope's resignation announcement. 

I think my hubby is pretty excited about embarking on this new aspect of our lives---actually having the opportunity to travel together---thanks SO MUCH to my brother Jim.  He'll be the Lovestead ranch manager while we're gone.

We're planning to load up the bicycles too, and that means a return to the fun I had several years ago after I first retired.  

We took off on a few road trips to Montana in those days, and on little traveled roads, we'd stop, I'd unload my bike, Bill would drive ahead, and I'd meet him a few miles up the road.

I coined that experience as "pedal pushing for pantywaists."  So named because it never involved Herculean efforts of grimacing and groaning while trying to urge that bike up some steep hill.   I picked the flat straightaways.  I also didn't wear spandex---just my jeans and sweatshirts.  Plus,  I could quit when I got tired. 

The greatest part of pedal pushing for pantywaists and for couples spending more time than normal cooped up inside a vehicle was the opportunity to catch some fresh air, some exercise and a few minutes of separation.

Well, there was another great aspect:  seeing areas upclose and personal and having time to watch the birds or  to stop and shoot a picture. 

My bike is tuned up and ready to go, so next week, somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere, probably on several occasions, I'll be pedaling along on my "Marianne-pink" mountain bike and having the time of my life while Bill either geocaches or takes short hikes. 

Yup, pretty sweet to think about this experience.  My only regret about this road trip is that I'll be a bit out of sync in keeping track another equally wonderful journey.  

That would be our ZAGS journey to the tourney.

Talk about going to bed with dreams of the many ZAG heroes in one's mind.   

Last night's nail biter (they're almost always nail biters with our ZAGS---even when they're 25 points ahead) had to make every citizen in ZAGland so proud.   

24-2 best record in the country

And, did you hear what I heard:  commentators wondering if the ZAGS should rise to No. 1 in the NCAA rankings.

Still a distant dream, but dreams do come true, and for this wonderful team, their phenomenal coaches and everyone who passionately loves the ZAGS, the journey to the tourney could turn into the ultimate "if you dream it, if you work at it, destiny will return the favor." 

Anyway, while Bill and I are enjoying our excellent adventure next week, you can be sure I'll be finding every means available to stay connected with each new segment of the ZAGS road to the BIG DANCE. 

And, another sweet thought.  Beautiful day today.  Snow is melting.  Birds are singing.  Spring is in the air. 

Happy Friday. 

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Anonymous said...

Gonzaga played a game worthy of #1. Outside the WCC, folks don't realize how big last night's game was. For Gonzaga to beat SMC on their home court was probably Gonzaga's biggest win of 2013. No one would have been greatly surprised had SMC pulled it out....Gonzaga didn't allow it. It was a win every bit equal to beating another top ten team...