Thursday, February 14, 2013

LOVE Is in the Air

Yes, it's a calendar day celebrating LOVE.  

Of course, those in our family blessed with the last name of LOVE take great responsibility every calendar day for what the four-letter word signifies.  

And, I truly believe that everyone---whether they go by Smith or Dellibadoba or Harran or Foley or Acedo, etc.----does their best to spread their LOVE to the peoples, the animals and the gifts of nature throughout the world. 

So, on this St. Valentine's Day, we send our love to you and simply ask that you pay it forward to anyone who can use a bit of TLC.

Happy Valentine's Day.  Enjoy the beauty and passion of the day.

And, GO ZAGS!    


MsMerlina said...

Thank you. I enjoy your blogs and tonight the bouquet of roses pic soothes my soul - really lovely... and your words are helpful to all, too. Love is everything, without it we can't exist.

Marianne Love said...

Thank you for your nice notes, Merlina. Yes, we do have to remind ourselves from time to time that loving all people, creatures and the beauty of nature feels a lot better than negativity. Sometimes it's not that easy, but if we keep up the habit . . .