Friday, February 01, 2013

Ahh, February . . . .

Lots of reasons to feel great today.  Most prominent?  It's February.  

We've said good bye to another January, and many people I know are happy to send the month off into history. 

Not that this particular January has been so bad.  By January standards in North Idaho, the 2013 version stands out as tolerable but LONG.  

With February comes the realization that chronological elements and odds may favor good times ahead-----longer days, warmer weather, maybe even an early spring.  

All wishes seem at least possible in February; whereas, if it's January and they seem possible, we have accept the fact that they probably aren't.

So, it's a happy day.  It's a lovely morning.  Thanks to increased morning light, I could see reflections on iced-over areas on my walk today.  

I also saw moose tracks---fresh too.

I don't know if it's mental hallucinations from this flu----which seems to have finally turned the corner, or if it's just reality that I really do see fresh moose tracks everywhere I go.

Yesterday I took a brief walk down the Pend Oreille Bay trail, where the graffiti photo, the ruins from Humbird mill and the limb photo were taken.

My cell phone rang.  My brother, who's headed off tomorrow for warm Chile, was at the other end.  

We talked as I walked.  

He was talking a lot, and I wanted to jump in to the conversation but waited until he was finished to announce that I had just spotted fresh moose tracks on the trail and thought I might just turn around and head back to the safety of the car.

So, I can't escape the moose tracks, but as long as they just remain tracks, that will be okay. 

We may see some today when Debbie and I take off for a quick snow shoeing trip later.   

I have to mention the photo of the book above.  It's one of those "special items" we purchase in life----not because we need them but because we want to have something of high quality and deep meaning.

I purchased George Flett's collection of ledger art at Julyamish a couple of years ago.  It was my birthday present from my mother.  She gave me money, and I decided that's where it would go.

As my sisters and I enjoyed the annual powwow, we also waited to return to Mr. Flett's booth for the personally autographed copy.  

Mr. Flett died the day before yesterday, and I'll provide a link to his story in today's Spokesman-Review.

Besides the book, I have another framed print of Mr. Flett's unique and beautiful art, purchased several years ago when he was in better health at a powwow along the Spokane River.  

I'll treasure both the book and the print and truly treasure the fact that I had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful artist with so many stories to tell about his people. 

It's time to take on the rest of this wonderful February day----the day after the ZAGS passed another milestone:  20-2   GO ZAGS!

Happy Friday to all. 

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