Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sunshine and Shadow Saturday Slight

Now, the groundhog would have definitely seen his shadow in North Idaho yesterday, but I don't know if that could happen on this Groundhog Day, 2013.   

We're surrounded by have a fairly heavy blanket of fog this morning.  Maybe it will lift; maybe not.

Maybe winter will end in six weeks; maybe not.  As one gets older the childhood myths get pretty foggy too.

I don't pay much attention to groundhog shadows or lack thereof.

We deal with what comes no matter what, and we were dealt a beauty yesterday. Lovely day AND a great day of memories for my daughter-in-law Debbie and me.

Not everything went according to plan.  She asked me in the morning if her friend could join us for snowshoeing.  Sure, I said, then asking another friend to join us.

We'd leave the Lovestead at noon.  Turned out neither friend could make it, so we loaded up our five canine friends and headed off for Grouse Creek after a supply stop at the Samuels Store.

After driving to the end of the plowed road, we parked.  Doors opened.  Dogs jumped out, and we scurried to get ready for snowshoeing.

As Debbie pulled hers out and started strapping up, I looked in the back for mine.

"Did I put my snowshoes in?" I asked Debbie.

We both remembered the conversation outside the house.  Well, that's as far as it went.

My snowshoes were still back at the Lovestead.

Oh well, I said, the road looks good for walking too.   That area has a lot of snowmobile traffic, so the snow is fairly well-packed and firm. 

Dogs were racing around with glee, but Foster was racing far too far.  So, I called him back and hooked up his leash.

We walked and "shoed" through the meadow, then ran into some "fresh moose tracks."  Then, Debbie thought she heard some big crashing in the bushes on her side.

We looked at the fresh moose tracks some more.  That's when Debbie asked if this was the meadow where that mama moose chased me in the car a few years back.

Yes, I told her.

Then,  Debbie mentioned the possibility of Bigfoot being out there.

Then, I said, "Let's go back to the car, drive to the house, get my snowshoes and go to the Meserve Preserve."

It sounded like a great idea for both of us, thinking about Bigfoot and moose tracks and five crazy Border Collies.

So, that's what we did, and we probably found better snowshoeing anyway, except for falling down.  Debbie actually enjoyed her time on the ground, as did the dogs.  

The day could not have been prettier or more fun.  We eventually headed back to the house, where we left the dogs and then drove to town.

I finally had the green light to visit my mother.   Had stayed away all week because of the flu. 

Mother must have been feeling the sunshine cuz she was on yesterday, or as she said, "I'm on fire." 

Debbie and I enjoyed a delightful hour with her as she popped out thigh-slapping  one-liners and charmed everyone in our midst. 

"When there's ice cream, I partake," she announced to us.  She also noted that "the fish in the fish tank are lacking apparel; maybe we could get them some for Christmas."  

When I asked her about the lady who's her new roommate, she said she hadn't seen her.

"Maybe she's died and gone to Heaven," Mother surmised.  We did see the roommate later quite alive and well in the TV room.

Our day was topped off with the usual Friday night outing with Bill and Willie for dinner----this time, Second Avenue Pizza.

Can't go wrong there.

Twas a great way to start February for many reasons, and whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow or the fog lifts here today, it's gonna be a good one.

ZAGS play tonight in San Diego.  GO ZAGS!   Happy Saturday, and be sure to get your pet fish some clothes!

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