Sunday, February 03, 2013

Soup or Sundae?

No, I'll have jello, thanks.   Somehow soup on this day does not fit the "big game" scenario.  Now, a sundae, maybe?  We'll just have to see how that plays out.

I doubt that lime jello with bananas is appearing on too many Super Bowl party menus today.

Lime jello with bananas will be served at the Lovestead party.  No particular reason why except that I haven't fixed a jello in years and have been kinda craving it lately.   

So, yesterday I picked up a clump of fat bananas at "Super" 1 Foods.  That store seemed like a good place to shop for my "Super Bowl" needs. 

All went well with the shopping until I turned down the pizza aisle.  Although we aren't having pizza for our party today, Super 1 was offering several Dijorno varieties for a couple of bucks off.  

So, I figured on stocking up for the days ahead.  

Super 1 must've figured I needed to stock up too cuz when I opened the door, at least half a dozen Dijorno pepperoni pizzas hit the floor.

Of course, when one causes a mess like that in a grocery store, one needs to immediately check to see how big the audience is.  

Just one lady.

But she made up for numbers in the volume of her laughter.   I made some dumb comment to her and then started picking up pizzas to stuff back in the case. 

She kept on laughing, and then she really giggled when the pizzas I had just stuck back in the case rolled right back out on the floor, bringing a couple of friends with them.

The laughing lady pushed her cart closer, as I kept saying dumb stuff and looking at the pile of pizza boxes on the floor. 

I then picked a couple more up, put 'em in the case AND THEY FELL TO THE FLOOR.

By that time my new friend---whose name is Liz, I believe, and who owns a store on Fifth Avenue  near Bizarre Bizaar---had pulled right up to the pizza pile.  Still laughing, she bent over and started picking up boxes. 

"D'ya spose we're on Candid Camera?" I asked.  

She laughed even harder, still handing me boxes to stuff back into the case. 

We managed to get them all back in there and shut the door when I said, "But I wanted some Three Meat pizzas."  

My new friend held the door, pushed back the pepperoni pizzas and gave me the freedom to pick out a couple of  Three Meats.

We parted company.  Then,  from down the aisle way she yelled, "Maybe we should position ourselves somewhere to watch the next person come along?

I agreed but kept on pushing my cart as far away from the pizzas as possible.

In the meantime, all this pizza activity caused me to forget to pick up a box of lime jello to go with my fat bananas, so the check-out clerk nicely sent someone to get the jello for me.

Anyway, after I'm finished with this morning's blog, the tea kettle will start boiling,  and soon a lime jello with bananas will be setting up in the refrigerator.

Jello will join some big fat ribs brought home yesterday from Costco by Bill.  Yup, we're gonna have Bill's ribs, along with salad, chips, jello (with globs of Cool Whip, of course) and whatever else shows up. 

It will be a food fest, as these events always are.

We're not too worked up about who's supposed to win the Super Bowl today, but I'm gonna pull for San Francisco, simply cuz I've just always liked the 49'ers.  

Now, on another sport subject,  our ZAGS last night provided a rather breathless game.  

That means holding one's breath for about the last ten minutes and silently praying that they won't really lose this one to the bottom team in the league.

God smiled on the ZAGS last night, as David Stockton shot the winning basket.  Then, Bill and I exhaled. 

It wasn't pretty, as they say, but a win's a win, and right now,  Gonzaga stands as the first NCAA team to have 21 wins.   21-2   GO ZAGS!

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Patsy said...

I have a jello recipe that we love because it is low fat and low calories. Use a container of sugar free cool whip, small container of low fat cottage cheese, can of sugar free crushed pineapple and a package of any sugar free jello ( we prefer lime or orange ). Mix all together and keep in fridge. Ours doesn't last is delicious.