Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dell Donuts to Die For, Et. al

My dear and longtime friend Susie Baldwin introduced us to the Calf-A at Dell, Montana, about 30 years ago.  I remembered the wonderful cinnamon rolls, so we stopped.  Fresh cinnamon rolls, yes, but we bypassed them for the best donut I've ever eaten.  See below.

Put Dell, Montana's Calf-A on your bucket list for great eats. And, do try the donuts.  They truly are "OMG, to die for." 

Probably 5,000 calories per $1 dollar donut but worth every bite.  Carmel glaze, fresh from the fryer, melt-in-your mouth. 
Bill holds up a mini-geocache, his first find on our trip, after we came up empty in Deer Lodge where the cache had been muggled.

A scene from our first stop in Utah.

More Wasatch beauty.

Think back on the Calf-A above.  This is some of the quaint and wonderful yard art. Rose Marie, be sure to show this to Jim. 

Again, back at Dell, Montana, where the old schoolhouse Calf-A serves the best donuts and cinnamon rolls ever.

Bill walking into the Marriott Center at Brigham Young University in Provo.  We bought tickets for next Thursday's big game between Gonzaga and BYU.

This will be our perspective at next Thursday's BYU-Gonzaga game---four rows from the top.  Bill pointed out, however, that the Gonzaga bench will be at the area in the lower middle part of this photo. Can't beat a $12 ticket!

We'll be seeing more of Utah's beauty today as we visit some National Parks on down the road from the gorgeous Wasatch Range.
We drove most of the day yesterday and spent the night in Nephi, Utah, at Paradise Best Western.  So-so eats at the local restaurant but a good place to follow a computer-generated version of the ZAGS game. 
If graphics were accurate, they had quite a game.  ZAGS: 26-2 YAY!

We still have not escaped the snow, and folks are telling me about the white stuff as far south as Tucson.  My weather report says the bad weather will pass by the end of the day.  

We do have a plan today, and it involves using my lifetime pass for visiting our National parks.  So far, no bike riding, a little banjo practice and a lot of fun driving with Sirius and moments of nostalgia about past trips down some of these roads.  

Today's scenery will be mostly new for both of us.  A great adventure continues. 

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