Friday, February 22, 2013

Laura Bush Ate Here

Our Jimmy has taken us across the border into Arizona---Page, to be exact.  We're at the Lake Powell Best Western Plus.  It sits directly behind the Best Western at Lake Powell, which promises a view of the lake.

With two Best Westerns and having signed up for the rewards program, we figured we couldn't lose on this deal.  If we had to pay a little extra for the Lake Powell view, we'd do it.

So we pulled up to the lobby to see the sign "Closed for the season."  Then a gentleman came out and told me the place was shut down for renovation.

We drove across the parking lot to the other Best Western and kept our fingers crossed that we could afford the room.  After all, it was the "Plus" with the extras.

I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down with glee when the clerk told me it would be $44.  Then, she asked if I had Triple A or AARP.

"Yes," I said. 

"That will be $39," she told me.  

"Well, okay, I guess we'll take a room," I wanted to say, but with a price like that, one has to remain cool---at least in public.

A beautiful motel with all the basics----wifi, "hot" complimentary breakfast and a view of the parking lot.

Well, maybe we're not so excited about the view of the parking lot, but Bill thinks it's pretty neat that we can look out the window and NOT see snow.  So, that makes up for no view of Lake Powell.

We managed to spend more time out of the Jimmy yesterday.  Still haven't pulled the bikes off the rack, but we got in some good walking in Zion National Park.

My first comment to Bill was that this was "overkill on the beauty."  Hard to decide what to photograph cuz there's so much of it.  So, I snapped a few dozen shots.  

The little critter friend cooperated quite nicely.  We met him on the river trail through Zion canyon.  I have a feeling he has has sat through a few photo shoots in his lifetime.

The place, dusted with snow, is truly overpowering in its beauty.  And, we were able to enjoy it during relatively cool, crisp weather and with few visitors---most of them of the "Boomer" era. I wonder why! 

I decided this is the best time to visit the Southwest.

Today we'll be heading to the Grand Canyon.  Bill has seen it, but I haven't.  Finally,  after hearing my dad when I was a little girl often commenting that the Grand Canyon was formed when a "Scotsman dropped a nickel down a gopher hole," I'll be able to marvel at the results.

Now, about Laura Bush. 

Last night, after having our jaws drop about the great motel rate, we asked the very efficient and helpful clerk if there was a Mexican restaurant in town.

With no hesitation, she directed us to Fiesta Mexicana, just two blocks down the street.

"When I go there, I feel like I'm at my aunt's house enjoying her Mexican home cooking," she told us.

So, we went, and what did we see but a photo of former First Lady Laura Bush with staff members.

"Did she eat here?" I asked.  

"Yes," our hostess proudly beamed.  

Well, I always have thought highly of Laura Bush, and I figure if she ate at that place, it had to be good.

And, it was.  My taco salad (without too much hot stuff) was "deluxe," as advertised, and Bill almost cleaned up his Chili Colorado.  

As advertised by our motel clerk, we had more than enough, along with our Corona beer in a chilled mug. 

We enjoyed the meal, came back and dozed off pretty quickly while Duke was beating Virginia Tech.  Always those basketball games to remind us of another addiction besides good food and fun travel. 

As usual, on this trip, we don't know where we'll end up tonight, but I'm betting on a Best Western because so far, we've already reaped some good rewards, and when it costs only $39, it's a pretty good investment.

Down the road we go------after Bill jots down some Arizona geocaches from the website, that is! 

By the way, Annie, have they reached 2 million geocaches in the world yet?   If they have, it's looking like folks like us will have plenty of searching to do on our travels for a long, long time.

Happy Friday from Page!


Anonymous said...

Zion National Park is a treasure - so magnificent. By the way, my brother Gary (from your HS class) lives very near there in LaVerkin and his practice is in St. George. Have a marvelous trip!
Julie / Orlando

Patsy said...

I have always wanted to visit Zion...I love your pictures and it makes me want to go there soon. I lived in Flagstaff ( one of the many places we lived ) and visited the Grand Canyon a couple of times. The rooms out by the canyon were outrageous. Do you plan to go to Meteor Crater or the Painted Desert ?There is so much beauty in the Southwest. I am very jealous.

Anonymous said...

Not at 2 million yet. I think probably sometime this weekend it'll hit 2 million. Looks like you're having fun!