Monday, February 11, 2013

For Karren . . . .

Dear Karren,

I'm really sorry that you had to stay holed up in your Boston abode for 1.5 days during the monster blizzard of the past few days.  

It's nice to know that you can shovel yourself out and get ready for your next jet setter journey to Austria.

It must be difficult for a "frequent flyer" like you to stay in one place---your home---for so long.  

You said you wanted pictures, Karren, so I have posted some just for you, specifically to help you get over your "cabin fever."

I took these photos yesterday afternoon while walking with Foster to some areas where just a year ago we would not have been able to take such perspectives of or beloved Sandpoint. 

Karren, you need to put your hometown on your 2013 busy travel itinerary, and come see the added splendor that we are now enjoying in what was already one of the most beautiful small towns on Earth.  

Til then---and I know you have a busy schedule with your trip to Austria---you can enjoy good ol' Sandpoint through pictures.  

I'm sure when you take a look at the photos, they may inspire a great big Ponderette smile.  

Take care, Karren, and enjoy.  And, thanks for being a good sport and letting me tease you in this morning's blog.

I hope you find some geocaches in Austria.  Annie will be proud.

Happy Monday to Karren and to all!

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