Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walking-on-Snow Day

There's a distinct chill in the morning air today, and the sun is rising to shine in a cloudless sky.  I'm betting the crowd at Schweitzer is stoked for a drop-dead gorgeous day of enjoying the slopes. 

I like this day because the snow pack down here is hard enough that we could take off virtually anywhere across country without snow shoes or skis.  

I've tried walking on top of the snow several times, only to suffer those abrupt shocks when one leg suddenly slams to the ground at least a foot beneath the snow.  

Not a fun way to enjoy an outing. 

Don't know how long today's hard-crusted snow will last, but I'll take advantage of it.  

Yes, it's a lovely Sunday here in beautiful Sandpoint.  

We're so lucky.  This has truly been the winter of little complaint, and it appears to be staying that way for several days ahead.  

This morning I did the geranium head count----26 and still popping up.  Yesterday I bought some 'mater seeds and will poke them into the potting soil today.  

In looking toward this year's gardening adventure, I've decided to give up on planting sweet peppers.  Last year I nurtured about half a dozen plants through the entire summer, both inside and outside the green house----nary a fruit.

I've decided it's a lot easier to purchase my Bell peppers at the store.  As for cukes, I'll probably try them again and take GREAT care in when to place them outside. 

A new variety of corn will be on the docket this year too.  Not fun having stalks reaching high into the air and pulling off ears with spotty kernals at best.  I've had that experience two years in a row.

So, I'll do some studying on the best kind of corn to plant in this area. 

I don't know why I'm talking about gardening so much, so early.  Maybe it's just February therapy, and it makes me happy to envision what's gonna happen around here in the next few weeks. 

While the winter continues its cycle, Bill and I are going to leave some of it behind.  We're planning an excellent adventure in a little over a week or so. 

It will be simple and without stress, we hope.  While my brother stays here at the Lovestead and tends to the menagerie (including the geraniums), we'll be putzing on down the road in our new "work truck," headed south, listening to Sirius radio and enjoying the sights.

Bill's goal:  to watch some spring training in the Phoenix area.  Willie sez, "Dad will get to see the $175 million man.  We saw Felix Hernandez in September, but he wasn't the $175 million man then. 

So, it should be fun for us $60 hicks to snap a photo of a gold-plated human sports figure. 

The trip should be a great adventure, indeed.   And, I'll probably spend a few hours today walking on top of that hard snow, thinking about the wonderful time ahead when we can walk on bare ground and soak up some Southern sun. 

Happy Sunday, and how 'bout those ZAGS!   23-2  Still, the best record in NCAA basketball, and more than likely moving up in the polls.  

Gonzaga, we are so proud of you!

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