Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Divine Interventions And Sprung (a Leak, That Is)

Lots to ponder this first morning of spring.  

The birds would like to know why their sunflower seeds are all wet and mushy.  

The horses would like to know how much longer they have to slog around in the slop.  

The cats would like to know why they can't have two consecutive days of lying in the sun under the bird feeders, catching an occasional stray gluttonous finch, pecking around on the ground for  extra seed. 

The humans would like to know why they still have to climb the cold, wet ladder next to the house with a broom to sweep snow off the satellite dish.

Eventually, if we're lucky, all questions will become moot points, or we'll stay in wonderment and in bad moods.

In the meantime, I have an important assignment to complete today.  Five dollars a whack and up to four brackets, I was told. 

Those are the rules for the pool I'll be entering.  I have a currier who will deliver my prognostication sheets to the executive in charge. 

I understand that the head organizer who had run the pool for years has retired, so it's in the good hands of one of my former students who has taken the reins of Boss Bracketeer.  

Bright young man, so I feel good about his abilities to keep things straight.

I guess there are bonus opportunities in this pool, but too complex for me to fathom.  

So, I'll just keep it simple, cross my fingers and have my hand out when the money comes rolling in.  Ha!

I have actually posted my first pool along with yesterday's Facebook rage, featuring our new Pope in "ZAG Drag," as one of my friends put it.

Divine intervention will be nice, and from what I hear about this new Pope, he may just have some influence.  Seems like a neat guy.

Bracketology for me this year has changed a bit.  I've never submitted four entries before.  Don't know if I'll have the patience to fill out four whole sheets, but if I do, here's my strategy.

The bracket shown on today's posting indicates ZAGS all the way.  My methodology for other selections on said sheet:  hunches, gut instincts, some punditry influence and a little knowledge from keeping pretty close track of most teams this past season.

At least two more of my brackets will elevate ZAGS to at least the Final Four.  I'll vary the other key teams a bit.

Finally, I'll submit a bracket with some wild and crazy choices.  And, that's the one which will probably get me all that cold hard cash.

From past years, I know of winners who filled out their forms, without one iota of basketball knowledge and took the whole pot while all the schooled sports aficionados scratched their heads in wonderment. 

So, as we often hear:  it's a crap shoot.  And, if Lady Luck is flying over,  she may drop a few coins our way. 

I do have one good thing to say about the snow today.  It will cut down on my yard work and give me a lot more time to contemplate my choices for each of the brackets.  

And, I have faith.  Pope Francis knows a good team when he sees one----oops, I've heard his favorite soccer team in Argentina doesn't do so well.

Okay, let's try that theory again.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and he knows a bunch of talented Jesuits when he sees 'em.  GO ZAGS!

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