Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let the Dance Begin . . . .

Try as I might, while filling out the rest of my brackets yesterday,  I could not bring myself to have Gonzaga finish anywhere but FIRST in the Final Four.  

To Jean from Shawnee Mission, on one bracket, I do have the ZAGS and your favorite team squaring off in the national championship. 

Generally, when making such decisions, I let facts, objectivity, logic and all that stuff overrule  my sappy sentimental heart. 

My sappy, sentimental heart would not allow it this time.

That said, wherever the ZAGS finish in this March Madness, they will remain No. 1 in the hearts of their fans.  

No words could explain the depth with which they are admired by all their longtime, loyal followers----similar to the level of rock stars.  

Well, they are rock stars . . .  in the way they play and in the way they conduct themselves on and off the court.  We are proud to be crazed fans, following a class act.

So, GO ZAGS today and in the days ahead.  May you make it to the Last Dance---and to the national championship.

This week we've seen that Bigfoot and Pope Francis are purported to be ZAGS fans.

Yesterday, one more important public figure joined the circle.  Granted, this individual does take exception with our President Barack Obama when selecting his winner of the Final Four.

And, President Obama is entitled to his opinion, as is every basketball fanatic in this country.  That's what makes it all so much fun.

So, I leave you today with a young prognosticator who surely has the knack and the eye for a good team when he sees one.  

Enjoy this KID. 

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Anonymous said...

I know Zags fans think they have the market on the depth of their love and affection for their team but everyone should try to remember that EVERY team has fans who feel the same way about them as Zags fans feel about the Zags. So should the Zags not finish in the #1 spot (heaven forbid), let us remember that the fans of whoever does are just as overjoyed as we would be for our team.