Thursday, March 14, 2013

Double Gobble Thursday

I call this "Double Gobble Thursday" because the hills were alive with the sound of turkeys this morning---on both sides of the road.  

Gary Finney's turkeys seem to know when I'm passing by each day, so they sound off from their wooded perch up on Gary's hillside for a few minutes.  

Then, across the valley on the mountain behind Dan Wood's house, the turkeys shout out their distinctive songs almost every day.  

The two groups must have been warming up for a big concert or something this morning because I hardly took a step without hearing second soprano "gobble gobbles" from either direction. 

I was glad to have the turkeys talking because the dogs had been barking all around the house about 45 minutes before my walk.  

I'm guessing we may have had this morning's version of the "morning moose," showing up in the yard about the same time as the papers. 

Evidence to support my assumption seemed very fresh yesterday as I strolled through the front yard where I had already cleaned up dog logs a couple of days before.

So, I think we have Bullwinkles all around.  Kea and Kiwi were nice enough to send the visitor on its way, and the turkey songs kept me safe during my walk.  I'm sure!!!

Quite a day yesterday.  As you can see in one of the photos below, the planets lined up on 3-13-13 in Selle,  and a bunch of Cardinals in Rome were able to make a decision. 

First, I must explain the top photo.  Please note Laurie's Gonzaga hat.  The only reason it was not in the pile with all those boots, gloves etc., is that it was on her head.  

Otherwise, Laurie's pup Jessie would have grabbed it and paraded around our living room during Saturday night's ZAGS game.  Laurie spent the last half of the game guarding the pile from her busy pup. 

Jessie is a busy young lady, and Laurie asked at one point, "Why am I not losing weight?  I'm constantly chasing her!"

Anyway, just had to share.

As for the photos below.  I  lounged on the couch much too long after white smoke came from St. Peter's chimney.  Cindy Wooden's contribution:

Then, I printed a picture of Pope Francis and took it to my napping mother (I knew she would be proud because her brother's name was Francis).

Since she was napping, I had extra time yesterday afternoon to take a bike ride along Selle Road, and that's where I found the planets lining up. 

Of course, along the way, Murray's  and Elton Anderson's fields presented some nice scenes for photos. 

I was headed to Woodside Road but took a "slight detour" to the parking lot at Selle Valley Carden School where Cassie (one of my former students who played the "sun" ) was presenting a very active and enthusiastic lesson on the planets.   

School founder Stacy Peck was enjoying the lesson too. 

Stacy and her team keep the kids engaged with some phenomenal hands-on lessons. 

Pictures taken, I pedaled on for an invigorating ride down Woodside Road, listening to the beautiful sounds and sights of robins flitting from fence posts to power lines.

A great day, for sure.  

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