Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday TwitterdeedamnSNOW!

An inch on the ground and more falling.  I looked like the abominable snowman when I came back to the house after my walk this morning.

This on the morning of a day when temperatures are supposed to reach mid-50s.

This on the day after shirt-sleeve warmth and all-day sun. 

This on the day after I commented to Bill that I was making good progress on cleaning up the yard.  

This is March, and, along with a lot of other stuff, Mother Nature has moments of madness too. 

I have no doubt----at least I hope I have no doubt---that by afternoon this willl be a memory.

In the meantime, a busy morning---after a magical, wonderful night---lies ahead.

We just plain enjoyed the ZAGs game last night.  

Like all other ZAGS lovers, I think we all felt a deep sense of redemptive pride in America's No. 1 NCAA men's basketball team as they showed America the ZAGS that we all know and love.

We've listened to the pundits for the last week all but dismiss the Bulldogs.  In one case, I heard "Well, polls are polls and Gonzaga is No. 1, but . . . . 

The "Big But" theory in that day early last week was touting the supreme greatness of Indiana as the best team in the nation, even better than Duke.  Gonzaga never received another second of discussion from that particular team of experts.   

The discussion took place on the day before Indiana lost an embarrassing home, Senior Night game to Ohio State. 

Just like Boise State's football team, Gonzaga has had to claw its way toward respect by winning game after game after game.  And, that's not a bad thing.

Nothing has come on a silver platter for the ZAGS, so that makes their situation all the more sweet.   

Their present prominence has evolved one game at a time through goal setting, hard work and ignoring conventional punditry.  

Who knows how far they'll go in The Dance, but I'm guessing they still have goals to meet and that it will be fun for all their fans to watch and support them as they make an all-out effort to meet those goals.  

Congratulations to both the Gonzaga men's and women's teams for winning the West Coast Conference Tournament championships. 

The Northwest is proud. 

This morning's busy schedule involves a trip to the Northside Christian Fellowship Church to cast my YES ballot for today's Lake Pend Oreille School District Levy election. 

Foster will be riding along with me because he has to get certified.

After voting, I'll head toward the vet hospital where he'll get a check-up and updates for his vaccination schedule. 

We're getting him certified, so to speak, so he can legally step inside Life Care to visit with Mother and the other residents who love it any time a pet walks through the door. 

My sisters were feeling like Pied Pipers last week when they brought their red heeler pups to the facility.  Wheelchair drivers from all directions descended on the library to pet the pups. 

So, it will be fun for Foster to accompany me from time to time and make somebody's day.

Speaking of animals, I just left the keyboard to look out the window at my third moose sighting in as many days. 

I'm betting this could be the same one when I experienced the  "near moose" encounter Sunday morning. 

Kea was barking.  I went to the west window and saw the horses looking east.  So, I went to the east window and saw the moose trotting in Taylor's field along Gary Finney's fenceline. 

Yesterday I saw one as I drove past the Sand Creek flat land off from Boyer. 

Maybe this will be moose week with a sighting each day. 

Anyway, gotta get some chores done before heading off to do my civic duty and for Foster's certification as an okay dog. 

Happy Tuesday.

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