Sunday, April 28, 2013

Buds and Spring Things

I broke one of my general rules this morning:  do not let the cats out if you wish to go for a walk down the road.

The cats will find you and follow you.

Seems I thought they had gotten out of that habit, after several months straight of having their door opened only after I returned from my walk.

Well, once the cats were "out of the bag," so to speak, I had no choice but to just walk around the yard.

Jonas seems to be completely on the mend after his bout with a nasty infection last week.  He and his BUD Festus have been spending their fair share of time over at the Meserve Preserve.  

Festus had started off on his morning visit to the neighbors by the time Jonas and I caught up with him.  So, he hung around for a brief photo shoot.

In the meantime, I found the usual:  it's hard during this season NOT to find some interesting subjects for my camera lens, including that electric fence warning.

I think you can look at the tops of the boards and figure out why there's an electric wire running between the boards and the horses.  

Shocking, yes, but very effective in saving the barnyard boards from complete extinction by equine munching. 

Almost overnight we have arrived at the "shimmering season."  In fact, I think most of the shimmering took place overnight because all the sudden blossoms, little leaves and baby tree needles had burst on to the scene.  

So, I had a good time taking the yard tour and clicking.  

Guess I have to thank my kitty buddies for keeping me home on the farm this morning, but I enjoyed every minute.

Happy Sunday. 

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