Friday, April 26, 2013

Food, Frolic and Eye Candy on Spring Days

It's Arbor Day, so do enjoy the trees.  Bill will be going to my sister's class today to talk about trees.  And, I took a shot of our house this morning to showcase some of our lawn beauties.  

The rest of the photos were taken at different times yesterday, both at the Lovestead and at the Ponderay Garden Center where chocolate AND the works sweetened folks up for some serious shopping.

It's a magical kind of place, and they don't really need the chocolate bribery to draw the crowds.  The manager told me they just wanted to have a party.  So, people parked even out on the highway to stroll through the tantalizing tastes and scenes. 

I enjoyed quick visits with former colleages, good friends and even a new friend named Kathleen.  We talked horses while waiting in the long check-out line. 

The day from start to finish was superb for dogs and people, and we're looking at another beauty on this Arbor Day, 2013.

To fully enjoy the photos, click on the first to enlarge and then click to move through the slide show. 

Happy Friday. 

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