Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cold Morning

Nothing froze.

That's the good news.  I did cover my tomatoes and a few geraniums, and they're fine this morning after a wet day.

Some folks, just a few miles from us,  retrieved their snow boots from the storage rooms yesterday. 

Local log truck drivers this morning have posted some lovely Christmas scenes from their vantage points in the mountains.

Winter in North Idaho . . . it ain't over 'til it's over, and it seems that nobody's very good at predicting when "over" is anymore. 

We're supposed to hit the 60s or high 50s by afternoon.  That will be nice cuz I turned on every electric heater thermostat in the house this morning. 

Wet weather, whether snow or rain, left behind some pretty scenes this morning, although that beaten down willow bush may disagree with me. 

Our troubles---minor compared to Oklahoma.  With that in mind, this morning I'd like to direct you to a blog I've been following for several months.  

Some of you may know of this lady from her "Pioneer Woman" food show on TV.  I just happened on to her one morning while searching for rural blogs to follow. 

I've enjoyed her postings ever since,  and I envy whatever that camera she uses cuz she sure posts some wonderful pictures. 

In addition to posting about family happenings and food show production, she occasionally turns the blog over to her husband "Marlboro Man" as is seen in the last posting. 

Fence fixing in their part of Oklahoma, far away and untouched by the tornado, resulted from the huge storm's heavy rains.   

So, Marlboro Man explains in the first post and provides photos of what needed to be done when their relatively low ponds suddenly filled up and overflowed their banks.

In the post below, Ree Drummond offers some information for those who wish to help those affected by the tornado.  

Lots and lots of fun stuff concerning food, advice and ranch life on this blog, including great pictures of sorting and driving cattle to their summer range. 

Here's the link:


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