Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I'll Fly Away . . . Some Day

My brother is flying away today, and, unlike his older sister, he'll actually get to where he's going.

I just picked up my banjo, which has been sitting on the dining room table to remind me to practice.

Once again, I tried the tune "I'll Fly Away" a couple of times.  It gets off the ground but never quite hits cruise control.  

I always wonder what Bill's thinking while getting dressed in the bedroom and hearing those weird sounds coming from the other room.

Fortunately, there's no ETA for my version of flying away, so I can just keep on plucking and hoping.

But Jim has to be to the airport by a certain hour so he can catch a plane or two and arrive by a certain time.

So, by a certain time this afternoon we'll head off for Spokane.  

In the meantime, another summer day brings on yet more projects----outside.  

Just read a poem posted on Facebook by one of my "outlaws," who happens to be a judge.  The piece gave me license to spend as much time outside as I wish.  

Here 'tis. 

I commented to my outlaw acquaintance, asking if that meant I could leave the dust and eventually plant some radishes on my bookcases.  Seems to me that would add some unique interior design. 

Still, it's not as much fun planting radishes in the house as it is in the garden OUTSIDE.  So, I'll just leave the dust for other purposes, like writing "LOVE" all over the bookcase shelves with my fingers. 

In the meantime, I do have radishes up outside.  Planted them just four days ago, and their telltale green leaves have emerged from the uncharacteristically warm soil. 

I also have corn stalks standing about a foot high in my garden.  It's called "cheating corn."  

It's the corn that survived the moles inside my greenhouse, and it was about to take off like Jack and the Beanstalk, so I moved some of it outside.

Living in North Idaho, I know NOT to put all my growing veggies and flowers outside, just yet, cuz just as we start to get a little cocky about our garden growth, Mother Nature sends us a reminder of who's in control.  

Yup, I'm betting we'll have a freeze in about two weeks, long about the time my beans come up.  They don't do well when it freezes.  

So, as with everything around here, I keep lots of options going for the "what if's" that surely happen in our climate.

For now, we're loving these hot days and not even griping cuz it feels like July.  I thought several times of how nice it would be to have New Big Blue all assembled and filled with 4,000 gallons of Oden water in its spot near the storage shed.  

I'm betting Amos and Trevor would like that too when they come back tomorrow to continue work on the shelter for Pasture No. 1.

Well, that's enough babble for this Wednesday.  Guess I'll fly away from this computer, spend one more practice session on the banjo---since I don't have to dust---and then go outside to water the radishes.

Have a great day, and leave your dusting for another day. 

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laurie said...

What a great poem! I am definitely in that same frame of mind. And every horizontal inch of my house is proof! :-)