Thursday, May 09, 2013

"Seens" from a Selle Bike Ride

Out the Lovestead driveway

Honey bees returned to Taylor's field across the road yesterday.   That means we'll be seeing them over here, where they're very welcome. 

The Marine Barn or the Wormington Barn or the  . . . . help me longtime Selle-ites.  Who else owned this barn?

I love fences as much as I love stumps.  So, get used to lots of fence fotos!

Keith Johnson on his way to disk a field.  Keith was one of my students a while back. 

Gateway to Schweitzer, from Selle anyway. 

Okay, I really love fences, especially in the morning sun. 

Birches and Schweitzer. 

Retired farm worker

Downtown Selle

A field belonging to the Finney Farm.  The trees surrounded by a fence make a nice photo all year round. 

First person who identifies whose house this is gets a tomato plant. 

Instead of the usual mile-long walk, I climbed on my bicycle this morning and pedaled for about four miles on paved and dirt roads through Selle.

My route took me down West Shingle Mill Road, one of my favorites out in this area. With the sun lighting up everything from the east, some striking views enhanced the experience.

It was an exhilarating and somewhat challenging ride, thanks to a fairly strong head wind coming from the north.   So, I figure the calories burned could match or beat what I might lose from a walk.

We have been treated to some unusually stunning weather for this time of the year. For retired school teachers like me,  it's the best.  

For the other teachers in my family----well, they're not so pleased with the summer temps, which tend to distract the minds of their students. 

My sister Laurie has found an antidote for such things on this Thursday.  She's taking some of her students out to the Delay farm in Careywood to compete in the Idaho State Forestry Contest.  

Last year, her students won a nice plaque for placing first in the rookie category, so she's hoping for a repeat.

Forestry Coach Bill Love has been visiting her class for the past several weeks, giving tips on all things trees.  He left early this morning to get out there for his organizational chores. 

Beautiful day for a forestry contest and for all of us who have the time to enjoy it. 

Happy Thursday. 


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Marianne! Thanks for bringing me home for a few minutes. And I think it's funny that car in your driveway looks just like mine. I was there, but in my dreams, no car required! xo Puz

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I am a Selle Valley resident. The pinkish and white house in the picture belongs to Brian Johnson. It sits by the RR tracks.
G. Johnson