Friday, May 10, 2013

Productive, Pretty Week

So far, this year, I've transplanted several items into my outdoor pots---pansies, petunias, geraniums and cats.  With the warm weather this week, the cats have really thrived, like my asparagus. 

Stuff has happened at the Lovestead this week.  Plus, the morning rides through Selle continue to take my breath away.

This morning I chose North Kootenai Road, pedaling as far as the gravel pit, which is about two miles from our house.

There's a farm along the road where horses and Jersey cows always take my eye.  I wanted to snap a picture of the cows, but they must have been hiding in that rustic barn, pictured above.

On the way home, the always-pretty Murray farm appeared more striking than ever with Roman Nose Mountain in the background.

And, it's fun to see our home tucked away in its lovely spot from the south view of Taylor's field.  

At home, the scene is changing quickly.  All the sudden from out of the ground my asparagus appeared yesterday---some stems ready to eat.  I'm almost sure it jutted out of the ground overnight.  

This warm weather has put us about two weeks ahead of the usual May color show.  Lilacs are threatening to bloom.  Daffodils are done, and the blossoms on my apple trees are quickly unfolding. 

In addition, Amos and Trevor have wasted no time, constructing the replacement shelter for the horses.

And, did I mention the dandelions.  It's been a good dandelion year, and the only thing I find good about that is that they may "get 'er done" just like the daffodils, earlier than usual.  

Pat Gooby (Dandylion King) where are you?  I'm feeling mighty generous today with my bumper crop, and I'd just love to share them with you.

This day is also the birthday for four special people I know.  And, it's extra special for my cousin Brendan who can look back on an early birthday gift this week.   He's in his 40s, and he's a Chicago native. 

Two days ago Brendan caught the first foul ball in his lifetime at a Cubs game in the ninth inning.  Twas a St. Louis player Daniel Descalso who hit the foul ball.  Congratulations, Brendan, and Happy Birthday.

This day is also the special day for two of my high school classmates, both dear and longtime friends:  Laura Delamarter and Andrea Venishnick Carlson.  I send my love and best wishes to both AND, of course, a little good-natured heckling that I must respect my elders.   

So, ladies, here's some respect for your birthdays!  My time will come!

Pam Eimers is still working on catching up with the oldsters, but she IS a day older today.  She's a former teaching colleague and good friend who knows how to do a good nose job, with tape, that is!  Happy Birthday, Pam. 

A final note today:  Laurie's sixth graders did a repeat at yesterday's Idaho State Forestry Contest.  They won first place in the rookie division, which was the most competitive group within the entire contest.

Congratulations to the Farmin-Stidwell team and to their teacher Laurie and coach Bill. 

More production to be had on this gorgeous morning, like picking asparagus,  so I'll bid adieu and wish everyone a happy Friday. 

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