Monday, May 13, 2013

Quiet Monday . . . .Sunday Reflections

Mother told her friend Kay Berry that she had just "cavorted around."  Kay was out working in her yard in north Sandpoint when our drive with Mother was coming to an end yesterday.  

Our mother may not remember every single thing she did yesterday, but she can still come up with the big words to generalize her experiences.  

And, we did "cavort around" with our Mother on a beautiful day.  First, she opened and read cards, then sat nicely while Barbara and Laurie placed a new pin on her pretty jacket.  They also gave her a new necklace to add to the dazzle.

Finally, Laurie went in and found her "bling" hat to complete the ensemble.  Mother announced, even before we took her to the car, that "I feel like a queen."  

Well, driving Queen Virginia included a stop at Willie and Debbie's where Willie snapped dozens of photos---and, yes, a few napping shots.  Then, we moved on to Colburn where the word "horse" got her attention from another little snooze. 

Laurie brought Scout out, and, just like Easter, there was some nuzzling and even some petting of that soft muzzle. 

We moved on to the Lovestead, pulled up next to the new deck, which she thought was pretty, and as Barbara and Laurie sat on the deck, Marianne plucked about half of "I'll Fly Away."  My record with my mother during banjo playing remains intact----puts her to sleep every time. 

We were all pretty hungry by the time we pulled into McDonalds, so we ordered milk shakes along with a cheeseburger and fries for Mother. 

When we left her at her residence yesterday, she was happily enjoying that hamburger and those fries.  

Another great outing with our special lady, Queen Virginia,  who continues to make us chuckle and amaze us with her grit. 

My own Mother's Day afternoon turned out to be fragrant and pretty, relaxing and tasty.  A rosebush from Annie and a plant and pot from Willie and Debbie now sit on the deck, waiting for their permanent homes.  Thanks so much!

We sat for a couple of hours, visited and watched most dogs play with their toys while one confirmed herding dog kept close track of Fuzzy Wuzzy, the cat. 

Dinner time meant a rather spontaneous barbecue, complete with freshly-picked asparagus from the garden.  Mighty good when baked in olive oil, then smothered with margarine, salt and a little onion salt.  

Finally, I asked Bill and Willie to use their "tallness" and hang the Gonzaga keepsake photo on the beam entering the living room.  

We now have an official entrance to our own Bulldog Satellite Kennel in Selle. 

A great Mother's Day, indeed, and I just posted the Mother-child Jerseys from North Kootenai Road cuz they're pretty and cuz I knew Annie would enjoy the photo.

Happy Monday. 

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Sounds like a very successful day!