Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wet! Wet! Do Tell!

Rain, rain never quite went away yesterday, so last evening, rather than sitting in the house and "toweling" Foster off for a second time, I grabbed my camera and loaded the little guy up in the car.  Foster had been emphatically sniffing my pant legs.  I told him those were his girlfriend's smells and then asked if he'd like to go see Meggie and Jessie.  The mention of their names sent Foster into overdrive, so I dropped him off at my sisters' house and went on down the road to a new road.  A new road for me, anyway:  Hulett Hills Road north of the Blue Heron Cafe.  It's not a very long road, but a few people live on it, including someone who has a rather photogenic barn---one which only a lens like my sister's could capture.  I noted to myself to tell Barbara to get up there with her camera.  In the meantime, I did find Tiger lilies.  They're always photogenic, even in rain storms.  So, folks, enjoy the Hulett Hills wet lilies.  

After my short drive, I returned to my sisters' where Foster and his girls had completed their reunion.  Foster was ready to go home.  Once home, I kept him on leash so he could go potty outside without getting all soggy and wet.  That attempt went sour when Foster walked over a hornet's nest out where the tractor and brush hog had been parked all winter.  The tractor was parked in another spot, and my poor little guy walked right over the nest.  Talk about feeling sorry for a little pup, I felt horrible too as Foster cried and ran away with a hornet still clinging to his head.  I eventually ficked the nasty thing off carried my whimpering pup back to the house.  He seems to be okay, and last I saw, Bill was headed for the hornet spray. 

To say it's wet, wet out there this morning would be a bit of an understatement.  Yup, we're in the midst of Sog City as the rain keeps coming down and low surfaces fill up. 

One surface does not need to be filled up any more.  That would be the New Big Blue cover.  So, I put a hose out there, hoping that it would do the trick to empty that new level of water on our already-full swimming pool.  If nothing else, maybe all this rain will get rid of that pesky pine pollen that sticks to everything and leaves rings around any standing water surface. 

My manure-pile corn is thriving in its spot atop last year's black gold collection west of the barn.  I started the corn in the greenhouse and transplanted it about three weeks ago.  So far, so good, especially with all the natural irrigation.  Hope my corn has ears WITH kernels on them this year. 

Nice reflection on the wet mat. 

Hunger will distract a horse from worrying about falling rain, for a while anyway.  Lefty is always ready for grazing, rain or shine. 

Rain or shine, the dedicated dogs do their duty too----just like the Pony Express. 


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