Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Summer Eve Slight Detour . . . .

After dinner, Bill took Kiwi and Kea to Grouse Creek on an evening fishing trip.  That left Foster and me to figure out what we should do on a lovely summer night.

When Foster found out he was going on a trip to town, he was overjoyed, jumping at that leash like it was a delicious doggie biscuit.  

Foster likes to go for rides, especially with Mom.

I decided a walk around the neat spots in town would be nice.  I should have changed out of my jeans, though, cuz it was a lot warmer in town than out our way.

Still, the warmth came nowhere close to last week's inferno.  Actually, I'd call a semi-uncomfortable heat which could have been much more comfortable in shorts.

Nonetheless, I just pretended I was not warm, took my camera and Foster and left the parking lot---once part of the Lakeview Motel---and eventually decided to walk behind the Edgewater to the pier after checking out pretty flowers blooming on the byway fill and the byway bridge over Sand Creek.

Foster trotted along, occasionally exerting some stress on the leash to sniff at other dogs' No. 1's or to leave a few No. 1's himself.  It's definitely a give-and-take operation when dogs go for walks where other dogs have walked before. 

Somebody's dog left a No. 2 on the little trail leading down below the bridge.    Shame. Shame.  

Supposed to use those baggies for the loggies.

Anyway, we maneuvered our way past the dog deposit and spent a minute admiring the view beneath the bridge.  No trolls last night.

I met a former student and his friend while walking through the entrance way to City Beach, the Edgewater and the Seasons, etc. 

Sean served on the Cedar Post staff when he was in high school.  He and Gale now run their successful graphic arts firm in Sandpoint.  I'm proud of Sean. 

Foster and I saw our shadow as we started down the walkway to the pier.  

What's always amazing about America's Most Beautiful Small Town is that it attracts thousands of visitors,  but the pretty spots in our area still have those quiet moments which give a person a sense of pleasant ownership----as if we have it all to ourselves.  I like that. 

Along the pier we saw colorful sailboats and bikes and, of course, took in the majestic beauty of the lake on a summer's eve.  A family of three stood off to one side of the walkway while Mom cast her line into the water.  Their young man told me they'd caught one fish so far. 

The Trinity deck at the Edgewater was alive with diners and live music.  I'm wondering if one of those diners drove the fascinating auto in the photo above to a Trinity dinner and for a night out on the town.  

Anyway, my pal and I enjoyed a nice stroll, and Foster dutifully left his mark on plenty of light and power poles along the way.  

Such a generous and giving little dog.  So nice of him to keep all the dogs who go that way busy with their sniffers today. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Such a generous and giving little dog
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