Sunday, July 07, 2013

Chasing the Fishermen

Our day yesterday revolved around a fishing trip, involving Willie and Bill.  Their destination, the Thompson River, north of Thompson Falls, Mont., seemed like the perfect place for our gang of four women, my sisters Barbara and Laurie, my daughter-in-law Debbie and me,  to explore. Explore we did, along with visiting the fishermen near the "honey holes" they found more than 15 miles up the river.  On our first visit with Bill and Willie, we enjoyed a huckleberry treat, purchased at Clark Fork's Pantry and then moved on up the road to find a gorgeous place with some old cabins called Big Prairie.  I don't know how many times Barbara said, "We need to bring our horses here.  This is like the Ponderosa from Bonanza.  

Of course the wide-open prairie, alive with wild flowers and impressive Ponderosa pines provided a photographer's delight.  I think Barbara said when we returned last night that she had taken more than 600 photos on this trip.  We stopped back at the fishing hole on our way back, and the anglers were happy to talk but itchin' to get back in the river for the "evening show."  So, we left them and drove on back home, enjoying the usual gorgeous scenery along that HWY 200 route.  Twas a great day, and we have plenty of photos to prove it.  I've included a few of my 100 or so shots.  Enjoy. 

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