Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ah, the Discoveries . . . .

The photos keep coming out of boxes and photo albums.  Preparing for our mother's celebration of life has brought forth many, many moments of nostalgia, laughs and historical citings.  

I notice that in all of the above the crank telephone high up on the living room wall where Mother used to call Ardis Racicot at "382" and stand there talking to her for what seemed like hours had disappeared. 

In some settings, we had graduated to the new addition to the North Boyer house, giving us more room in the living room. 

I included the photo of Ponderay's Fancy Pants at a young age because it shows our hay field and Best's barn, both of which have been replaced by airplane hangars and houses, respectively. 

It seems that Christmas and other holidays always brought out the cameras for the obligatory photos.  

In some cases, I can say some of us looked like dorks, me in particular.  I'm sure we weren't thrilled during these shoots and especially when the photos came back for all to see. 

I must say that it's obvious Barbara and Laurie were certainly NOT spoiled as little ladies. 

Obviously, there was the Christmas when Mike was away for 11 months during his first year at the United States Military Academy, but we could hardly forget him with our family set of West Point sweatshirts and T-shirts.  No indecision that year on what to buy the family for Christmas.

And, of course, the era of big mustaches had its day and made the young gents jealous cuz they couldn't grow their own. And, to notice Harold's hands in that one shot-----the customary roll-yer-own for which he was known.  I don't know how many hours we spent listening as he told stories and totally transfixed as he rolled Bull Durham after Bull Durham. 

The photos show three generations of family associated with the North Boyer farm.  More family and another generation came later, but these represent some wonderful times in our family history. 

Happy Thursday.  We think we found the water leak, so all is well. 

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