Friday, August 02, 2013

Bradbury Got It Right . . . Soft Rains

There will come soft rains.   Seems like some guy named Bradbury promised that in a story title.  Hey, I just checked it out, and he did, indeed.

Maybe he was thinking of the illustrated man and suggesting that all those tattoos would not wash off, thanks to the soft rains.

Well, the soft rains came off and on during the day yesterday and especially overnight, and, for once, I'm not complaining.

I'm not even worried about my tattoos.  When you don't have tattoos, you don't need to worry about any rain washing them off.

The earth around us is probably pretty happy this morning, thanks to the wet night.  All the grasses and trees and shrubs and garden goodies received a bath and a good drink of water.  

For free. 

That means I won't have to worry too much about the Oden water sticker shock for today anyway.  Hoses will stay put.

I think I'm more happy about the bathing aspect of the overnight rains.  My impressions, while walking around yesterday pulling weeds and trimming grass with the weed eater, were that we've reached the dirty time of the year.

Everything seemed to have the blahs, even the flowers.

This morning, though, their bright hues are back, and all that dust coating on the grass has been washed away.

The timing for these light showers is good too.  All of our hay is out of the field and stored for the winter. 

And, speaking of timing,  I read on Facebook that the rain held off until the last song by the Indigo Girls at last's night's Festival opener. 

Plus, the concertgoers probably enjoyed the relatively mild evening as opposed to melting from yet another hot sunny day. 

Our Lovestead concert headliners are singing up a storm this morning.  Yup, I think the birds are happy with the rain, not only cuz they've gotten a bath but because some breakfast-special worms are probably surfacing.

I'm happy too cuz no hose dragging means more time to get other stuff done today, like the rest of the weed eating.  And, when it's not all dusty and dirty out there, weed eating might even be kinda fun. 

Sounds like Gary Finney's happy this morning too.  I just heard him go honking by. 

All in all, it looks like a good day ahead and that we might get a little more soft rain before it's over. 

That's fine cuz I'm seeing blistering hot 90s and sunshine returning in just a few days.  

So, today I'll just enjoy all the benefits of our temporary lull in what has been a long, hot summer. 

No complaints.  Happy Friday.  

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