Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Dinner Out

If ya go to Sweet Lou's in the summer---Ponderay or Hope----you're bound to meet an Irish server who attends Gonzaga.  

And, if you're nosy like me and ask, you'll learn that Irish servers at the two restaurants are sisters.

We had already had the pleasure of meeting Megan at Sweet Lou's in Ponderay.  She served us on two different occasions and finally noted to us that she loved our family togetherness.

That visit started a friendship.  Turns out Megan has a close family too, and it turned out that we met her sister, her mother and her dad last night while dining at the Hope version of Sweet Lou's.  

We hadn't really planned to go to Hope, but after spending a day getting items ready to enter in the fair, and, in Debbie's case, serving as a fair superintendent all afternoon, nobody had to think twice about the beautiful drive and the lovely restaurant on the water.  

Besides good food, we got to watch the sun set over the lake AND we met Caitlin, our server and sister to Megan.

It was Caitlin's last night on the job, so her colleagues thought she needed a cool-off after a hot day of taking orders, delivering orders and just plain making restaurant customers feel at home. 

So, as the sun dipped behind the Selkirks, one of her friends took the opportunity to give Caitlin a dip in the lake.  He may not have planned a splash down of his own, but he got one, much to the enjoyment of the diners and the staff. 

Twas a perfect evening at Hope for us who had been digging in the garden or putting the final touches on photos, computer graphics, paintings, veggies and moccasins.  

All those items are now on display at the Bonner County Fair, and, a little later today, they'll be judged.  

While that's happening,  several of us will be judging in other fair categories----maybe even Willie who was off fishing up Smith Creek with his dad yesterday.  

And, tomorrow we can go peek and see if we won any ribbons for our efforts.  That's the fun of the fair, which begins officially Tuesday.  

Looks like a busy week ahead, just like last week.  Seems to never slow down, and that's just fine. 

Happy Monday. 

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