Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday THIS and THE Best Damn "Terlot" in Boundary County

When Debbie took home an armload of  Lovestead produce the other night, I decided it was picture time.  Tomatoes are coming on quickly with great taste and nice sizes.  I planted that onion from seed.  We've enjoyed cukes for the past three weeks, and the eatin' plums are ready for eatin'.  My small apple tree is now growing big eating apples.  It's been a great summer for produce, as long as we can get past the bees to pick the stuff. 

This is the usual scene whenever Willie and Debbie come by for a quick visit and to pick up their dogs.  For some reason two doggies are missing from this photo.  I think they were in grabbing some quick bites of Atta Boy.  Yes, that goes on too.  Seems the best time to grab a mouthful of Atta Boy and bring it outside to eat is when Ma's and Pa's are visiting outside. 

This is the scene when customers walk into Moose Valley Farms at Naples.  My classmate Mary Lambert Kimball owns the place, and she's been out of town galavanting for the past few weeks.  
Well, yesterday I was disappointed when I first arrived to do some shopping at their wonderful gift store.  Mary wasn't there.
  I did not come away disappointed, though, cuz I needed to use the facilities.  

The nice clerk smiled and directed me to go out behind the store.  No, she did not mean for me to go number one or number two behind the store---just go to an area where I'd find a neat outhouse.
I followed the trails and soon eyed the structure near a wooded area west of the main store.

I passed by this lady on my way.  She sure didn't seem too concerned about moose. 

Then, I arrived at the structure and totally agreed that it was, indeed, a neat outhouse.  Those folks at Moose Valley have a lot of talent and good senses of humor. 

West view of said outhouse.  Nice petunias to fend off any bad odors that might occur inside.   Good planning. 

The throne and a chair for anyone who might be your toilet in waiting friend. 

Of course, I LOVED this wall.  Yes, Love does a lot of good things, and inside this terlot, LOVE made me smile. 

While enjoying my moment of relief, I was reminded not to linger too long.  After all, some bunnies might wet their pants outside.  But then there's always the petunia patch to help destroy the evidence.

Mary, you and your crew have done well with your wonderful Moose Valley Farms, and it's looking like it's just gonna get better with the years.  I dub your terlot the best Boundary County has to offer, and I may make more stops at your store just to use the facilities and to smile while doing so!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "raving review"! I'm so sorry I missed you! I always enjoy your visit and finding out how our dear mutual friends are doing. All of us at Moose Valley Farms appreciate your compliments and invite everyone to visit the "Best damn
terlot in Boundary County".

Mary Kimball

Linda Alt said...

Love Moose Valley. Have known Clint "forever" and Mary since the kids started school at Naples School where I worked for 6 years before going into the high school office. Wonderful family! You know their son and wife are quite busy with the General Store in Naples and the Panhandle Restaurant in Bonners and daughter Cindy helps run Moose Valley.