Sunday, November 03, 2013

Changes . . . .

Bill and I went geocaching yesterday on a wet, wet day.  It wasn't too bad because we donned our raingear and hiked only one-half mile in to the cache site in the Deer Creek area northeast of Bonners Ferry. 

The purpose of this trip was to place a cache, so there's one out there for all you geocachers, and I do know that Bill posted it last night.  So, maybe the reviewer will publish it.

Even through the wetness of the hike, I could find some beauty along the trail and even in the mini waterfall near the cache site.  It's obvious the falling of "fall" has taken place as evidenced by deposits in the stream.

Our trip was fun in that while driving, we listened to the Vandal football game, where Willie was in the Kibbie Dome pressbox keeping track of game highlights. His stories appear in today's Daily Bee sports section and in the Idaho Press Tribune.

Our trip also involved a stop at Perkins Lake where I didn't worry too much about the yellow jackets while walking the dock.  Bill found another cache up the trail above the lake where there's a view and some picnic tables.

We survived the wet and happily didn't hang out in the house where I'm sure I would have done more than my share of napping.  Knowing we had a long night ahead with the time change, I figured getting fresh air in the afternoon was better than sleeping TOO much.  Turned out to be a fun day in spite of the rain.

Happy Sunday to all.

Happy Birthday, Debbie. 
She's our daughter-in-law,  the one on the far right.  This photo was taken Friday when she reconnected with several of her Girl Scout volunteers and colleagues in Newport for the event honoring Washington's beautiful 88-foot spruce, which will stand decorated at the National Capitol this holiday season.
We want to wish Debbie a wonderful day and a spectacular year ahead as she continues in her new career pathway with POAC

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The pictures are beautiful - especially the one of Debbie!