Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Snow White Wednesday

Call it official.  We've seen a touch of winter here at the Lovestead.  Most of the ground is white from an overnight snowfall.

That's it for a while, though, because they say we have a couple of dry days ahead.  That will make Amos and his uncle happy cuz they're planning to complete the final stage of our deck roof today---installing the actual tin roofing. 

Amos was going to do that yesterday, but snow was forecast.  A few flakes fell here, but for the most part, the snow fell someplace else, like Spokane.  

We actually had a pretty nice day around here, and while Amos did some fine tuning in preparation for fine tinning today, I raked an mulched several million more leaves.

This is the time of the year when I HATE poplars almost as much as I HATE cottonwoods.  Poplars are over-endowed with stubborn, unpredictable leaves.  Those leaves fall off the limbs off and on for about a month. 

So, that means my raking and mulching goes on that long too.   I'm guessing about a third of the poplar leaves have hit the ground, so there's plenty of work ahead.

In between my work segments, I went out and found two more geocaches---the Celebration Forest on North Center Valley Road and one at the Grouse Creek Bridge near McNalls. 

Turns out the Celebration Forest cache had been planted by none other than Loblollylove, so in the online log, I complimented Loblollylove for his efforts.

I think my new ability to geocache on my own will prove to be a great distraction for long winter afternoons.  I'm looking forward to lots of little trips around the area to enjoy the outdoors and the searches for those hidden containers. 

In another subject, I'd like to share a link from the Denver Post, which features two of my former students, Steve [Smith] Daniels and Mandy Birks.  Both traveled to Denver with the Cedar Post staff a little more than 20 years ago.

Now, they're engaged and running a popular mobile food service, which features crock pot cooking.  So, check it out.  Looks like they put out some tasty meals. 

The link:

And, don't let that link title fool you; I'm pretty sure Steve and Mandy DO NOT add marijuana to their meals.

Suddenly, I can hear noise on the deck, and thankfully, it's not snow sliding off the roof at record speeds.  We won't be hearing that so much on the east side anymore.  Instead, it's Amos, ready for work. 

So, I'll head off.  By the way, the mountains are beautiful right at this moment as little rays of sunshine give them a soft pink hue. 

Happy Wednesday.   

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